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5 Ways To Water Yourself In Order To Bloom

The first day of spring is always so beautiful to take in. It’s a new season where things begin to grow and flowers bloom, making the world colorful again. As we’re going into our warmer months, some plant owners or gardeners may focus on watering their plants a little bit more than usual to keep them healthy and stimulate growth.

But, have you ever considered that you must water yourself as well? In order to bloom and prosper in your own personal life, you have to water yourself the same way you water your plants, or better yet, the other people in your life. You may be someone that pours out into others so much that there’s nothing left and you slowly begin to dwindle.

Today is the first day of spring, which brings a great reminder that you need to water yourself as well, and below are five ways you can do so!

1. Make time for yourself

When you’re making time for others and pouring into everyone else but yourself, it can become tiring at the end of the day and leaves you with nothing left to give yourself. Making time for yourself, even if you have to schedule that time, allows for rejuvenation and makes sure you’re getting what you need in the same way you make sure others get what they need. When it comes to making time for yourself, there are no rules and you can choose to do whatever you want with that time. This is your time and you need to enjoy it.

2. Be kind to yourself

It’s very easy for any of us to become harsh with ourselves when we make mistakes, but think of being unkind to yourself as you doing the opposite of watering into yourself. Instead, you’re taking away the water and nutrients that you need to bloom successfully within yourself in this life. Because of you being so harsh, you’re causing your “soil” to dry up, which doesn’t leave you in a good spot at the end of the day. We are all human and remembering that mistakes will happen is important. You’re not dumb for forgetting something or a bad person for making a mistake…you’re simply human.

3. Surround yourself with positive people

Even though it’s important to water yourself, it’s equally as important to have others in your life that will help water you just as you water them daily. As stated earlier, when you’re not being kind to yourself, it causes the opposite effect. The same goes for when you have negative people in your life. No one is positive or happy all of the time, but to have people in your life that are always negative towards you or life in general, it’s draining and you’ll begin to feel that.

4. Practice the habit of gratefulness

Another way to pour into yourself is to practice gratefulness. Remembering the things you have when it feels as if you have nothing can remind you of the blessings you’ve received. It always reminds you of the people in your life that surround you and help you bloom as well.

5. Dive into a hobby you love

This could go along with making time for yourself, but a lot of people these days often focus on doing something only if it brings them money. If it’s not going to bring profit, then it’s not worth getting into. Not having a hobby or something you love outside of your job isn’t healthy nor helps you bloom. Yes, making sure you’re making enough money to survive is important, but so is finding a hobby that you love to do simply because it’s enjoyable. What does life look like outside of those work hours? Think of something that makes you happy that you’re okay with doing just for the love of it and not for the revenue it could bring.

Ensuring that you’re growing and blooming is even more important than making sure others are being poured into. Spring is a time that things begin to bloom, and this includes you as well.

How do you make sure you’re watering yourself in order to bloom? Let me know in the comments!


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