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5 Ways To Love Yourself As A Black Person

Hello all my black readers! This motivational Monday is especially and specifically for you! Now, if you’re not black, then please don’t turn away. In fact, this is a learning opportunity for you. Maybe you can learn how to help your friends who may not love themselves the way they should or you can direct them to this post.

We as black people often struggle to learn to love ourselves as we are. It’s not hard to understand why when there’s so much in the media showcasing us a certain way. Not to mention a lot of it is shown to use from a very young age. It’s almost like we become groomed to hate who we are and how we are. Then, centuries later, the things we’ve been groomed to hate suddenly become a trend. That’s a rant for another post though.

It’s time we start to love ourselves and more than ever.

Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are always a go to when learning to love yourself. Look in the mirror every morning and say things such as: “I’m a beautiful black (person/man/woman)” and “I will survive what’s thrown my way and come back 10x stronger.” Whatever affirmations you feel are good for you. If you’d like a list of affirmations just for black people to say daily, then please let me know!

Acknowledge your features

We are born into a society with a past of having our features mocked and put out on display, and with a present of being told those features are ugly just to be turned around and used as a trend. With all of that in mind, it’s easy to consciously and subconsciously mock your own features. Take time to look in the mirror and acknowledge them. Touch them. Look at them. Realize they are what make you beautiful or handsome. A lot of times us black women want to make our noses snatched! That’s totally fine. Makeup is fun! But, are you ok with the big, wide nose you were born with once that’s all gone? If not, take time to show it some love and any other feature you try to hide.

Take time for self

Taking time for yourself is so important. Self care is self love. Self care means different things for each person, but one thing I recommend is to tune out a bit. Seeing your own people being killed constantly and practically back to back is hard. It takes such a toll on your mind, which then can take a toll on your body and spirit. Tune out of the TV and social media, and tune into yourselves.

Surround yourself with a black community

Support is so important! We need each other more than ever. It’s great that white people and nonblack people are standing with us and speaking up against the hatred of the racists in the world, but they’ll never really understand or feel what a black person is feeling. Surrounding yourself with people who are going through what you’re going through is almost like a relief. You don’t have to worry about explaining or having the responsibility of informing. You can just talk about what’s going on, how you feel without holding back or changing your wording, mourn, and even laugh (because we always find a way to bring some joy to a dark situation).

Seek a Therapist

You should’ve seen this coming and if you didn’t, then you must be new here. Mental health is such a stigma in the black community. We’re told to hold it in or just take it to God. I fully believe in praying, but I think you should also combine that with seeking professional help if you feel you need it. God wouldn’t guide these people into this profession if they weren’t needed. I would try to find a black therapist especially. I feel like there are not many out there, at least not being showcased. I’m not saying turn down one that isn’t black, but they would understand the most how you’re feeling, and it’ll make you feel more comfortable if you’re a little apprehensive from the beginning.

There are so many more things we as black people could do to practicing loving ourselves. It’s my hope that these five ways gave you a little insight or idea on what you feel you could do to love yourself, not just during this time, but for forever.

If these tips were helpful, please let me know and please take care of yourselves.


    • Thank you! It’s so important and a must to practice on the daily. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

    • Thank you! A reminder is needed now more than ever, so it was a must that I wrote this, especially being a black person myself ♥

    • I’m so glad you love my post! I agree, this a post everyone can read and learn from. Whether you’re in the community and learning how to love yourself, or you’re an ally just wanting to take tips on how to possibly help a friend. ♥

  1. This is such a beautiful post! I especially, agree with the point of “acknowledging your features.” They just add to our beauty and uniqueness. Don’t be ashamed of them. Celebrate them!

    • Exactly! It’s time we start celebrating our features and stop trying to hide them or make them smaller. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

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