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5 Ways To Keep Your Creativity Alive As A Creator

It’s Creative Beginnings Month, and I shared ways to begin your creativity for those who are secret creators at heart. I also shared why creating is so important. With National Creativity Day coming at the end of the week, I wanted to focus on those who have already stepped into their creativity but are struggling to keep it alive.

As fun as it is to create, it can become hard because outside factors tend to affect your ability to create. It’s important to keep our creativity alive as creators and below are a few ways to help if you’re struggling.

1. Go with the flow

As creators, we tend to overthink when it comes to our craft. We are our biggest critics, which means no matter how hard we work on our craft or how good it looks, it’ll never be enough for us. Being so hard on yourself can make it hard to keep your craft alive. It gets draining trying to be so perfect. Instead of focusing so hard on being perfect, try going with the flow. In other words…don’t think, just create. If you paint or draw, start with a simple stroke. If you make music, hum random tunes or play random notes on your instrument. It may sound crazy but it could lead to magic. If you write, type random words, even if they don’t make sense. If you’re trying to create a TikTok or reel, press play and have fun. Going with the flow sounds easier than it is for some, but it takes the tension off of creating which could be why your creativity may die or is dying.

2. Look for inspiration

Everyone gets inspiration from somewhere. One of the best parts about the creator community is that we continue to inspire each other. Though there are issues with copying, taking inspiration from someone’s content to make your own and outright taking their content as if it were your own are two different things. There’s a whole world filled with inspiration…all you have to do is search for it.

3. Take a break

If your creativity is dying, you might need a break. We as creators are human and can experience burnout. We must remember to take care of ourselves otherwise we’ll have nothing left to give. Don’t be afraid to take a break and let your mind rest. When you return, that creativity will be alive and better than ever!

4. Think outside the box

As creators, we tend to have our signature style or style we’re comfortable with. That’s fine, but what’s the point of creativity if you’re not thinking outside the box here and there? For some creators, they started by thinking outside the box. It may seem scary to leave your comfort zone, but your creativity will only go as far as you take it.

5. Embrace your inner child

Lastly, embracing your inner child is the best way to keep your creativity alive! Children have some of the most creative minds and there’s no more pivotal moment to bring out your inner child than when your creativity is dying. Think back to the young you and the imagination you had. There were no worries about how something may look, you were just having fun. Find your inner child and let them out! This could also help you with the previous tip of stepping outside the box.

Being a creator allows you to challenge yourself and take yourself and your talents to new heights. Creativity is what lightens up this world. Creators must do all they can to keep their creativity alive for others to enjoy, but most importantly for themselves.

Are you a creator? If so, what do you like to create? Let’s chat in the comments!

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