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5 Ways To Begin Your Creativity + The Importance Of Creating

If you’re a creator or a creator at heart, you may know about Creative Beginnings Month! However, if you’re like me and never heard about it until recently, you are probably slightly confused. According to National Today, Creative Beginnings Month is celebrated “so that people can awaken their hidden creative skills.”

As a creator myself, I love being able to think of new ideas and become excited when I can bring those ideas to life. I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t start writing or doing any of the other ways I create that I’ve learned to love. There are still many people in this world that are hiding the creator within them. Keep reading to see why it’s important to create and how you can begin your creativity!

The Importance Of Creating

A creative mind is something that has become a lost art as we all grow up and become adults. Though not everyone may have the skill to create, everyone can think creatively. As children, many of us had some of the wildest imaginations and expressed them during playtime. Creating is important because it allows us to open up that same love and excitement we had as children, but in different ways. Instead of drawing scribbles on paper, maybe now you’re creating artwork that is being hung up in people’s homes just like those scribbles were hung on your parent’s fridge. Creating provides a release from the world around us and inside our homes.

5 Ways To Begin Your Creativity

1. Write out your thoughts

Sometimes the best way to begin is to write out your thoughts. It sounds so simple, but sometimes we tend to overcomplicate things. If you have a secret love for writing, this one is perfect! Whether you dream of writing a book, starting a blog, or writing poetry…the first step is to write. If you don’t see yourself writing, try writing out things you love to do that fascinate you and how they make you feel. Your future passion, whether for hobby or profit, could be on that list!

2. Go to a class/event

Creativity starts somewhere and a class or event is a fun way to discover your creative side! Events like Paint and Sip are a fun way to discover your potential love for art, or maybe even a woodshop class if working and creating things with wood fascinates you. For every different kind of creative art form, there is a class or event that you can attend. Find a few in your area and let your creative side flow.

3. Ask someone to help you

When you feel like you want to start something but have no idea where to begin, asking someone for help is a great way to do it. Not everyone has someone to ask for help, but if you, utilize that resource and see where it goes. Everyone might not be comfortable with letting others know that they are interested in doing something creative, but that’s the point of Creative Beginnings Month! Don’t hide that interest any longer and set it free.

4. Take a risk

Take a risk and start! Even if you see jumping into the craft as risky, it shouldn’t be seen that way. You don’t have to put in a ton of money or get the latest items. All you have to do is start. The only risk you’re taking is the risk of missing out if you don’t start. If you find out that you’re not into what you thought you were, it’s not a risk, you realize that maybe it was better as a thought or occasional activity with friends.

5. Practice

Once you realize how you love to create, put in the work and practice! You don’t have to create for-profit, practicing a hobby helps you grow as a creator and even a person in the long run. It can become frustrating sometimes when you’re starting, but remember that you started for fun and continue to have fun along the way!

As a creator, I’ve seen how letting my creative juices flow has changed me and given me a release from the struggles of the outside world. I’ve also surprised myself in ways I never thought I could.

There’s a hidden passion inside each of us, and it’s time to show it! If you’ve secretly wanted to try something, give it a chance. You never know what you may discover when you do!


    • I’m glad you loved it! Creating can be so therapeutic and I’m glad to hear it was able to help you. Thank you for reading and commenting ♥

  1. As a creator (in general) my mind is always planning on what to do next. One of the few things that I do is write things down on what I want to do and see how I can do it.
    Great post@

    • Yes, I love to write down my goals down or ideas I have and in multiple areas so I can have that constant reminder. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and thank you for commenting!

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