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5 Ways To Appreciate Your Curves + Women Who Rock Their Curves!

October 12th is national curves day and it’s important to acknowledge the beauty that is your curves. Society has taught us over the years to hide our bodies and that our rolls are not beautiful, but society is often wrong.

Many of our bodies have taken a beating from ourselves alone, and it’s time to show them a little appreciation for once. If you’re looking for ways to show your curves appreciation, keep scrolling, and you’ll also discover women who rock their curves fiercely and unapologetically!

1. Admire yourself naked in the mirror

Those that aren’t confident in their body have a very good skill at avoiding the mirror, even when it’s right in front of them. Think about it…how long has it been since you’ve taken a look in the mirror, while naked, to admire your curves? Actually, when did you last have a look at yourself in the mirror while you were naked at all? Some of us have barely even taken a look at ourselves fully clothed! It’s time to clean that mirror and show some appreciation to those curves!

2. Touch yourself

Yes, this says exactly what you think it says! One of the best ways to appreciate your curves is to give them a feel! If you haven’t looked at yourself in the mirror in a while, one can only imagine when you last touched those curves with intention. Don’t be afraid to grab a love handle or squeeze a roll. Trace your hands over the contours of your body and get a feel of the true beauty that are your curves. Society likes to tell us that these things are disgusting, but they’re beautiful and a work of work…a work of art in which you are the canvas.

3. Tell yourself positive affirmations about your body

The tongue is a powerful thing and it’s easy to become your own bully without even knowing it. Just as you would speak positivity about your life, job, or even to a loved one who talks down about their body…you want to do the same when it comes to your body. Even if you don’t believe the words you say, the more you say them, the more you’ll begin to believe them.

4. Wear clothes to show them off

I know there’s someone that read this one and immediately said “no”, but hear me out. Your body is beautiful, so why be ashamed of it? You are not doing those curves any justice by covering them up in oversized clothing. You’d also be amazed at the instant confidence boost you’ll receive once you see yourself in something that hugs and shapes those hips and thighs. It sounds scary to someone that has yet to learn to love their curves, but I promise that it’s worth it.

5. Do a photoshoot

The best way to appreciate your curves is to look at them through a different lens. Sometimes we only look at ourselves through the eyes of insecurity when we look in the mirror. Whether you take a regular photo shoot or decide to go all out and do a nude shoot, taking a look back at those photos may just surprise you and allow you to open your eyes to what you couldn’t see or realize before!

These Women Rock Their Curves!

Beyonce Knowles-Carter

It’s no secret that Beyonce is the queen of curves! She showcases them in her beautiful bodysuits as she performs and the confidence she exudes alone makes you want to do the same!


It’s no secret that Lizzo loves her curves and she’s helping other women and little girls who look like her do the exact same! Lizzo loves herself unapologetically and continues to remind us all that she and her beautiful curves are here to stay!

Sydney Bell

Sydney Bell is a social media influencer, model, dancer, and an overall badass! She is a favorite of mine because she’s constantly making content and giving the haters something to be mad about. Sydney is all about body positivity and she throws up a middle finger to the haters as she rocks her bikinis while letting you know that it’s okay to rock yours as well!

Serena Williams

If you’ve never realized how beautiful and curvacious an athletic body can be, you have not seen Serena Williams. A threat on the court in a tennis skirt and on the beach in a swimsuit, she’s representing for the women athletes with curves!

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is a plus-sized model that was also on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue in 2016! If nothing else tells you to stop hiding behind those oversized clothes and flaunt your curves, I think this absolutely will!

Your body is beautiful and you deserve to celebrate it just because it’s yours! Our curves are special works of art that deserve praise as if they are in a museum for art. Remember to love your curves and love yourself!

How do you show your curves appreciation? Let me know in the comments!

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