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5 Ways I Destress At The End Of The Week

It’s Friday, which means we have all made it to the end of the week and it’s time to shut it down and enjoy a weekend of relaxation! Unfortunately, not everyone gets to relax on the weekends due to their job. When it comes to working for yourself, the pro and con is that there’s no set work schedule.

You don’t have to worry about working on the weekend if you don’t want to but it’s also easy to overwork yourself into the weekend because there’s ALWAYS something you could be doing. When I worked at the movie theater, working on the weekend was a given. Being a full-time blogger, I first only gave myself one day of rest but have now made it two.

Making the time to destress is extremely important to me because I’m very introverted and I just need to recharge from working and socializing online all week. It’s also very essential for your mental health and to help prevent burnout. Here are my ways that I do when it’s time to relax and destress!

Take naps.

Before I started blogging and working on making the content creator life my job, I used to be the QUEEN of naps. When I was in college, I would literally take five-minute naps if that was the case. I know to some that sounds crazy and like not enough time, but it was plenty for me at times. Nowadays, naps are almost nonexistent for me. It’s not because I don’t like them anymore, but I just don’t want to miss out on time. I make sure to take my naps on the weekend though, especially on Saturday! It truly makes me wish I just took naps more regularly again, but at least I have something to look forward to!

Don’t do any work.

This is easy to say and surprisingly hard to do. As I said in the intro, I now have two rest days on the weekend instead of one, but it doesn’t always turn out that way. Friday and Saturday are my rest days but sometimes I end up having to do some work on Friday or on Saturday night if I’m behind. I try my best to not let that happen though. It feels so amazing when I can just shut down my laptop and know that I’m not doing anything for a day or two. I even have a certain time frame on Friday where I no longer look at my blog and any comments received after that aren’t answered until Sunday. It’s okay to love what you do and also want a break from it. Everyone has such a work mentality, which is great, but the goal is to work less while still making money.

Stay away from my blog socials.

I love my blog social media accounts, especially when I’ve made connections with so many other bloggers on them. But sometimes, being on them also feels like work because they are my business accounts as well. I just need a break from socializing for a bit. I need time to recharge my battery so I can continue to connect with others and give support. I feel like there’s such pressure to make sure I’m constantly commenting on Instagram photos or reading blog posts. No one actually pressures me, but I just feel it because I want to support others and keep those connections going as well. Because of that pressure, sometimes it also ends up feeling like a job. I just love that I have personal accounts that I can use to simply scroll mindlessly and keep up with my favorite celebrities. Sometimes that’s all you need.

Binge YouTube videos.

I love watching YouTube! I’m always watching it throughout the week, but I have to learn when to turn it off and head to my office space to get work done. Once the week is over, I can put any stress I was having to the side and let it disappear as I binge watch YouTube videos. Because I’m not doing any work, I don’t have to worry about self-control. I can just watch to my heart’s content while eating delicious snacks!

Go out with friends.

Before the pandemic started, I would often go out with my friends on Saturday night. This pandemic has really messed things up because I could really use a good night out right now. Saturday nights were always some kind of adventure filled with laughs, craziness, and sometimes drinks! Going out with your friends is truly therapeutic and I can’t wait to be able to do it again!

If you needed a reminder to do something for yourself to destress this weekend, consider this post your reminder! It doesn’t matter if you’re stressed from work or something else, taking time away to unplug from life is a must!

What’s your favorite way to destress at the end of the week?


  1. Great post. I love binge watching YouTube videos as well. I’ve fallen behind lately and can’t wait wait to get back on track. Napping was never my thing but I’ve gotten into it lately. Luckily I don’t work on weekends but Saturdays are reserved for me to create content and sometimes it runs into Sundays. I work a regular job and blog on the side. So it’s a tough balance at times. I can’t wait for the day that I’m my own boss and can dictate my own hours.

    • I’m behind too! I got behind in college and never got the chance to catch up so I gave up on that lol. Sunday is the day for me that I do a lot of my blog post writing and content planning. I know the struggle to balance all too well. I was in college, had a job, and was blogging at one point. It was definitely a lot to handle. Keep working, you’ll be your own boss in no time!

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