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5 Things That Make Me Happy

The holidays are here and as corny as it sounds, it really is the time for cheer…at least for me. It can also be the time where people are consumed with spending and things involving monetary value. To take a little breather from that (and as a reminder to myself while life is putting me through a little funk) I decided to list 5 things that make me happy that I appreciate!

1. Music. I love music with all my heart. When I feel no one else is there for me, I know music will be by my side. There are different genres for any type of mood you’re feeling. I’d be lost without it.

2. Nice weather. I’m not an outdoors person at all, but I do love when it’s nice outside. When the sun is shining, but not too hot. It just makes me want to get out of the house. Sometimes I just want to go for a drive or relocate to a different area for my blog work.

3. Hanging with friends. I love to hang with my friends and appreciate the time even more now. Since we’ve gotten older, life is really grabbing our attention and we see less of each other these days. Just taking time and hanging out, whether it’s just going to Walmart or to one of their houses, it’s always a nice time. We always joke and have fun no matter what we do and I’ll always cherish that.

4. Coffee shops. Coffee shops, the smell of coffee, anything coffee related makes me happy. I don’t have to purchase coffee to get my coffee needs satisfied. Sometimes all I need is to sit in a coffee shop with my laptop and I just feel happy and at peace (with my music in my ears of course).

5. Solitude. Something that I learn to appreciate each and every day that makes me happy is solitude. I’m an introvert and with the combination of working as well as living with my grandparents, my social meter is usually down by the end of the day. Just having a moment to myself makes me happy and I feel a lot calmer and at peace.

So those are the things that make me happy….I want to know something that makes you happy that doesn’t involve spending money. Comment and let’s discuss!


  1. The five things that make me happy are 1. My husband my best friend. 2. My kids they are the best. 3. My friends I love spending time with them. 4. Tea I love tea and 5. Reading I love books what can I say.

  2. You made a great list which I think we can all relate to 🙂 Sadly I don’t really have friends back in my hometown but I hope to strengthen some bonds with distant cousins, and possibly meet up with a university friend who doesn’t live close by. I realize that as I get older, I can spend time strengthening the bonds I currently have rather than try to repair the broken ones.

    Majority of ppl I can only reach through Facebook or Instagram, neither which I am currently using. I hope to update my contact information this holiday and get their numbers which would be much more beneficial to me.

    My list would look something like this:
    1. Sending letters to online friends who live far away
    2. Baking sugar cookies
    3. Spending time with my husband/his family
    4. Going to coffee shops with laptop
    5. Self-development podcasts and books

  3. Great post, you have lovley things that make you happy 🙂

    Something that makes me happy is just being able to lay on the settee and cwtch up with my husband watching crappy tv or a film. Just being in his arms makes me feel safe and content, it really is when I’m at my happiest!!

    Giving you a subscribe sis!! xxx

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