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5 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 30

It has come to my attention that in four years, I will have turned 30-years-old. There is nothing wrong with being thirty at all, however, the thought of myself aging in general just makes me want to cringe and go on a wild hunt to find the fountain of youth(or figure out time travel or something). Though I don’t believe in going along with the societal clock and try to remain patient when it comes to the time things happen in my life, I think that everyone has something or a few things that they just want to do before they turn a certain age.

I think it’s nice to have goals and a certain time you’d like to reach them…just don’t pressure yourself too much about it. I have some things that I wanted to get done in general, but never had a timeline for them. As I thought about those things, I realized that some of them would be nice to have checked off before I turn 30.

I decided that it would be nice to share my list and maybe even inspire you to write your own list of things you want to do before a certain age for fun!

Move into my own apartment. This is actually one of the goals that are on my vision board. I just can’t wait to have my own space to decorate and ultimately call mine. Though it’s nice not having to worry about paying any big bills, there’s nothing like calling a place your own and the accomplishment feeling of paying your own bills (once the pain fades the day after…maybe a few days after).

Open my shop. I’ve talked about opening a shop here and there on my blog. I would’ve had this checked off, but unfortunately, I had to hold off on that plan. I definitely want to have this done before 30 because this, along with everything else involved with my brand, is what’s going to help provide the life that I hope to start living before I hit 30…even if it’s just a year before. I also just have really great ideas that I’m excited to share with you guys!

Become comfortable wearing jean shorts and bodycon dresses. This may seem silly to some to have on my list, but it’s not silly to me and that’s all that matters. I’m still on a very long journey of being comfortable with my body and wearing certain types of clothing. I’m so proud of myself for finally stepping out and wearing things like crop tops and flowy shorts! Now, it’s time to battle jean shorts and bodycon dresses/skirts. I’ve always loved the fit of those items, especially bodycon dresses and skirts, but I never liked them on me. As you probably know, they really hug your body and show every crevice and curve, which I’m not comfortable with at this moment. By the time I turn 30, I plan on having every pair of shorts and bodycon clothing item I can get my hands on. If you see me at 30-something to 40-years old rocking them…mind your business and appreciate the curves because I have some catching up to do!

Take a luxurious cabin trip. I would love to take a luxurious cabin trip one day(emphasis on luxurious)! I actually was going to do that for my 25th birthday, but I couldn’t settle on a cabin in time. I’m very undecisive, but if I start looking now, I should have one picked out by the time I turn 29!

Have my brand expanded. Lastly, I want to have my brand expanded as much as I can. I know this is something you can’t rush, however, with four years ahead of me and lots of work, I know I can go far.

I have plenty more things that I would love to have done before I turn 30, but as I said, I only have four years left. I don’t want to overload myself with so many goals because then it will become too stressful for me when trying to accomplish them all.

Do you have a bucket list or just something you’d like to do before you turn a certain age? I’d love to know and chat about it in the comments!


  1. These are great goals to have & I’m sure you will reach all of them by the time you are 30! you have plenty of time! i’m going to be 30 in August & sometimes i can’t believe how fast the time has gone. i guess i better start making goals for when i turn 30 instead haha! 🙂

    • Time really does move so fast it’s insane! And I think you should! You still have time to get some things you’d like done before then ♥

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