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5 Reasons Why There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Bougie

I am currently writing this post while sipping on an $8 wine out of a plastic wine cup. I call it Bougie On A Budget.

There is such a negative connotation on the word bougie and about people who consider themselves bougie. I think a lot of that negativity often goes more towards black women, but that’s an entirely different discussion for another time. People often automatically associate bougie with being stuck up or see bougie women as the Regina George’s of the world. I think that movies and the misperceptions that are taken from said movies is the reason for this way of thinking.

Despite what you may think or what you may have seen people say on the internet, being bougie doesn’t equal being some stuck up person that just cares about the next expensive thing on the market. To get into it further, I’m providing 5 reasons why there’s nothing wrong with being bougie.

Bougie People Take Extra Care Of Themselves.

I think the first thing that’s thought of when you hear the word bougie is “high maintenance”, and honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that at all. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to take extra special care of yourself. I could be wrong, but I feel that everyone wants to feel like royalty at least once in their life by getting a full pampering treatment with facials, massages, mani-pedi’s, brows, hair, etc. Getting those things done may not be something you want to do as often or can afford to do as often (it’s very expensive to keep up), but you can’t blame anyone for doing so. I know that I personally feel like a bad bitch when I have everything done, and I aspire to join the bougie club with my maintenance routine (buy my eBook and click the ads please, thanks).

Bougie People Just Like To Enjoy The Finer Things In Life

Being part of the bougie club means that you truly just like enjoying the finer things in life and that’s not a crime. The reason why people work so hard is that they want better and to live the life they deserve. The same way goes for bougie people. They like to enjoy the finer things in life, but they also work to get those things and keep up the bougie lifestyle they live. I know something that might be a complaint from someone who’s not bougie is how materialistic bougie people seem. To me, it’s all about the quality. I would much rather enjoy spending time in a 5-star hotel with room service, complimentary robes, marble walls, and an immaculate view than your regular everyday hotel that just has average quality. I think striving for or just wanting more should be a goal that we all want, and again, that also doesn’t mean you have to aim for being in a 5-star hotel or owning the highest priced clothing. It’s just about the quality at the end of the day.

Bougie People Know Their Worth And Won’t Accept Any Less

As I just said, it’s all about quality at the end of the day and with that comes knowing your worth and accepting nothing less than the best quality. This doesn’t just qualify for items, but people as well. Bougie people know what they’re worth and wouldn’t dare to accept anything less than that. This especially goes for people who don’t provide quality in their lives, romantically and otherwise. Again, I think this is something that everyone should strive for. I think it becomes an issue sometimes when someone who’s bougie doesn’t settle on something that someone else maybe would’ve just settled on. They’re suddenly seen as extra or “doing the most”, but they just know what they deserve and have high expectations as they should.

Bougie People Like To Be Stylish And Chic

Do you know the person who shows up to an event with a casual dress code dressed down to the “T”? That would be your fellow bougie club member. Bougie people love to be stylish and chic no matter the dress code. I truly aspire to get on that level. Those are the people who you may see wearing something they’d wear to brunch just to make a run to the grocery store. They even look chic wearing sweats…some way, somehow. As much as I love wearing a big T-shirt and leggings, it just feels good to have on some fancy-looking lounge clothes. Bougie people experience this feeling on a daily and we should all stan honestly.

Bougie People Know How To Grab The Attention Of Others

Bougie people really know how to grab your attention without even trying. I think it’s everything that I just discussed that makes the perfect recipe for confidence. Think about it for a second. If you were dressed in your most stylish looks, had your extravagant self-care done, experience only the finest luxuries, and know that your worth is top-tier quality…would you not move like so? When you move like so, that’s when others begin to notice as well. The reason why bougie people are talked about is because they have the attention of others. I, personally, wouldn’t want people to just stare at me but I’d love to enter in any space as if I was on someone’s runway. The confidence is outstanding and what everyone should have within.

If you were someone who wasn’t a fan of people who were bougie or judged them based on social media, then I hope that I was able to help change your views. Bougie people have feelings just like everyone else. If nothing else, they teach you to accept nothing less than quality and to know your worth…lessons we all need to keep in mind.

Are you part of the bougie club? If so, have you ever been judged for it? If you’re not bougie, did you ever think negatively about people who are?

Let’s chat in the comments!


  1. Okay but like, I own some REALLY CUTE plastic wine glasses I refuse to throw away. I’m bougie AF and I honestly don’t care what anyone says, I like nice things. But I know this about myself and I buy myself these things. Well, me and my mama lol. I don’t expect my husband to drop $100 on something I want but he still always got SOMETHIN to say.

    I agree that those who are bougie just take extra care of themselves, and that’s totally okay! And that we know our worth and that too is totally okay!

    I love this post lol it got me all in my thoughts and feelings.

    • Listen, you rock those cute plastic wine glasses and put your pink up while doing it too lol! But yes girl, like there’s nothing wrong with taking extra care of yourself and liking the finer things in life. If you can afford to get it or do…why not!? No one should have a thing to say if they’re not the ones putting the money in your pocket and that’s on period! I’m glad you loved this post! We have the time today! lol

  2. I would call myself bougie on a budget too haha, I like nice things but I like to check the prices properly πŸ˜…. I do agree with everything you said, there is nothing wrong with liking the finer things in life. Great post!

    • Right lol. Like I have a rose gold toilet paper holder from Amazon but I debate buying high-priced shoes lol. I’m glad you liked it and thanks for reading!

  3. Love this post! Especially the statement it is ok to take care of yourself. I am on my hair, nail, waxing and car wash schedule for myself not anyone else! Such good call outs in this post!

    • I love to hear that! Get your self care on girl and if anyone has anything to say then ask them what money did they put in your pocket lol. Glad you loved the post!

  4. I think I understand bougie a little bit more now, so thank you. For awhile I was completely clueless as to what these words meant. Maybe I’m just getting old (almost 40) so I’m behind the times a little, lol.

    • lol no it’s not that at all. Not everyone knows or understands the word and what it really means, but I’m glad I was able to clear it up for you! β™₯

  5. I probably wouldn’t call myself bougie but I definitely don’t judge others for being bougie! I think it’s such a cool quality to have, and wish I was more bougie x

    • I think it’s cool too! I’ve been trying to work on my bougie side more and appreciating the finer things a lot more. Definitely recommend πŸ™ŒπŸΎ

  6. Love this! I think there is nothing wrong with having a bit higher standards for things and having nice taste ;). Plus, people tend to criticize things they don’t understand. I remember some of my friends in my 20s thinking it was weird I liked wine – keep in mind this was a million years ago. I came back from a study abroad trip to Italy and developed some damn good taste in food, wine, and clothes :D. Gotta do what you like and give yourself permission. πŸ™‚

    • I wish I liked more wines but my tastebuds really only like Moscato lol. Luckily for me, my friends all like wine so I don’t have to deal with that, but that’s crazy they thought it was weird. That’s so cool you got to go to Italy though and have that experience!

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