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5 Reasons To Drink Coffee + More!

This one’s for my coffee lovers out there. I’m not one to drink coffee every day, but I love a good cup whether from home or Starbucks. If you want to find out a few benefits of coffee and learn where I get my coffee and how I like it then keep reading!


  1. possible reduced risk of type 2 diabetes
  2. reduce post workout muscle pain up to 48%
  3. reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
  4. increase your fiber intake
  5. Improve energy levels


There are two ways that I like my coffee when I make it at home. Pretty basic ways but still my faves.

1. I love to just brew my coffee in my Kureg (I use Donut Shop coffee) and then I just pour in my coffee creamer (my fave right now is the Caramel Macchiato by International Delight) and enjoy! Basic as hell? yes but delicious.

2. I just recently decided to try to make iced coffee at home and so far so good. I make my coffee like usual and then I take an extra step, put ice in a different mug, pour the coffee in the ice filled mug, add my coffee creamer, stir, and enjoy! It’s so delicious and a new fave for the summer.


If I’m not making it at home then I buy my coffee typically from Starbucks or a local coffee shop. I’m a big fan of Frappuccino’s from Starbucks. I have yet to perfect my iced coffee order from there, but when I do I’ll let you know. Maybe I’ll do a favorite Starbucks order post.

I’m a person who, when I find something I like, I stick to it. With that being said, the only coffee order that I have tried from my local coffee shop is the Iced Cinnamon Roll latte. It’s so good and so hard to part from.

Have a good day and let me know your favorite places to order coffee and what you like to order!


**Information taken from Caffeine Informer, Harvard, and Healthline **


  1. Donut Shop is our go to for the Kreurig as well 👍🏽. Favorite cookie to shop for is Blueberry Crumble ice coffee black since the blueberry flavor makes it smooth!

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