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5 Of My Top Inspirational Black Women Of The Present

Women’s History Month is coming to a close, but it should never be forgotten that women are slaying the game 365 days in the year.

Who run the world!? Girls!

At the beginning of the month, I wrote a post sharing 5 of my top inspirational black women of the past. The things that those women did back then can be said to have inspired the generation of women who are making moves today, and just as I’m inspired by the black women of the past, I’m also inspired by the black women of the present.

As with the last list, there are so many women that inspire me, but that list would go on for DAYS. So, once again, I’m sharing just five of my top inspirational black women of the present!

Michelle Obama

It should be no question how Mrs. Obama made the list of inspirational black women of the present. Her style, grace, and beauty alone are inspiring and worth the admiration. She exudes and represents the definition of a boss lady. Being the first African American woman to hold the position as first lady (and getting things done I might add), she has been a representation and inspiration for so many other black women and girls all over the world.

Gabrielle Douglas

Gabby Douglas is a powerhouse! Ever since her accomplishments in 2012, I had to find her on Instagram and follow her journey. Although I’m not and never have been a gymnast or athlete in general, she still inspired me. If you’ve never heard of Gabby, in 2012 she became the first American to claim gold medals and the first African American to win the all-around title at the Olympic Games in London. In case you missed that, I said the FIRST AMERICAN and FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN! Hello? Is this thing on!? Can you hear me!?

I love seeing women dominate in sports ESPECIALLY when a woman is getting medals for something that no other woman OR MAN has done. That’s not only inspirational, but it’s badass and screams girl power!


Lizzo is such an idol for the plus-size community in my opinion. She’s unapologetically herself and you can’t help but stan! There, of course, are the haters and doctors with a doctorate degree from Google University, but she shows them up every time! Whether she’s just living life and shaking her ass in a thong or running on a treadmill while singing her own song full out (if you haven’t seen the video, you’re missing out), she’s bringing nothing but good vibes every time. Lizzo is also the first plus-sized black woman to be on the cover of Vogue Magazine! That’s such inspiration for all of us women in the plus-sized community. You can break all kinds of barriers no matter your size or what others attempt to make you believe.

Kamala Harris

There was no way I couldn’t add Mrs. Harris to this list! It obviously goes without saying why she’s here but it must be said, well, just because. Kamala Harris is the first female vice president, first African American vice president, and also the first Asian American vice president…did you catch all of that?! Black women are starting to dominate leadership positions and we are here for it! If you’re not, then that’s too bad for you because it’s happening anyway. Her being VP not only puts us one step closer to having a black woman as president, but it also shows other little black girls that they can do this. There is no dream too big or too high to reach, so it’s time to start reaching for the stars.

Megan Thee Stallion

Last but not least, it’s the hot girl herself, Megan the stallion! Megan is inspirational to me because, not only is she herself unapologetically, but she’s worked so hard to get where she is and she’s so humble about it all. At the 2021 Grammy’s, Megan won not one, but THREE Grammy awards! One of those awards was “best rap song” for the Savage remix with Beyonce. Beyonce was there and stood by her side while letting Megan have her shine. The way that Megan was just showing her adoration for Beyonce and talking about how she always wanted to do a song with her, made my eyes tear up. Again, this is proof that to all little black girls and women, that it’s possible. It doesn’t matter where you started from. As long as you start and continue to dream, what you dreamed for can become your reality.

There are so many amazing black women who, I don’t only think are personally inspirational to myself, but who are inspirational to a lot of other black women. These are women who are making their marks now for the ones after them to research and admire when they’re gone. The marks these women will leave are going to go down in history, and one day, a black blogger such as myself will write a blog post showcasing inspirational black women of the past with their names in it.

Do you feel inspired by any of these women? Who’s a black woman of today that inspires you?


  1. Thanks for the post – very interesting list. It’s a shame that womens history is only a month long as there so many who should be mentioned. I felt the same about Black History Month as I began a personal quest to learn more. I started a project to highlight an unknown Black engineer, artist, entrepreneur during Black History month. What I found was incredible. Needing 28 for February, I found over 40 noteworthy people plus 5 other topics to use. With that, I decided to make it a year long project, covering those individuals as well as some more unpleasant history not found in our schools.

    I think we need to be exposed to much more than what is currently taught in school. I hope it I can do it justice.

    • Omg, that’s so amazing you’re doing this! I definitely agree that these types of months shouldn’t just last a month, but at the same time, a special month shouldn’t be needed. Just as black people, black lives, and black history should ALWAYS be treated fairly, treated properly, and respected…the same should go for women and women’s history. You’re so right about needing to be exposed more. The school system needs to expand its curriculum and stop just teaching the basics or what may seem the most “convenient” for them. So excited for your project and I know you can do it!

  2. Yasss to all this greatness. Women are powerful! This such an amazing list that you shared here and I love everyone that you picked.

    It’s really sad that we still live in a society that women still have to fight 2x as hard to be recognized, to be paid the same, and to be acknowledged for their hard work.

    But things are changing. We are not where we need to be. But change is happening for us women.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • It’s so sad to see and even finally recognized, it still may never be as much as if it was a man doing it. I hate that. But you’re right, things are changing for sure. I just hope more change comes sooner than later. Thank you so much for reading and commenting ♥

    • They are truly powerful, and I love it even more that they each have their own different accomplishments that make them powerful. Thank you for reading and I’m so glad that you loved it ♥

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