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5 Must-Haves For A Summer Celebration


Summer is right around the corner and people are ready to make up for last summer with tons of celebrations while being surrounded by their loved ones. It has been a while, and some of you may have forgotten what you might even need for a fun summer celebration. Well, if that is the case for you, don’t worry, I am here to help you out!

Whether you are having a wedding reception, birthday party, gender reveal, or even a gathering just because, these items are absolute must-haves for your summer celebration!

Good Food

These aren’t numbered from most to least important, but if they were, good food would probably still end up as the first item. We all know how important food is when it comes to any party. One of the questions I’m sure you even have asked is “What kind of food are they having?” You always want to make sure you have a great list of options for the occasion as well as a nice variety. If the food isn’t good, then that just might affect whether or not people trust you to throw parties again (or at least whether or not you’re the one who should be cooking for it).


Music is a must-have because…well…it is kind of awkward to just stand around in silence. Music brings some liveliness to your celebration. There are so many different genres of music that it is virtually impossible to have a hard time finding the perfect tunes for your party. Something that also depends on the kind of party you are having is whether you might opt for either a DJ, a live band, or just playing music from your stereo. The possibilities are endless when music is involved in the equation!


When I hear the word celebration, one of the first things that come to mind is…drinks! No matter the occasion, you need to bring in a celebration with drinks. When it comes to drinks, I believe that quality and presentation matter, which is why I suggest Tippy Tap Co. Tippy Tap Co is an Atlanta mobile bar service that brings the drinks to you! Not only do they come to you in an adorable light blue vehicle (pictured right), but they also provide you with whatever drinks you need to fit the occasion. This is perfect to make your celebration special and unforgettable for your guests.

Air Conditioning/Shaded Areas

In the summertime, air and shade is an absolute must! You do not want to have your guests overheated and even possibly passing out because it is too hot. If you plan to have a celebration outside, then you should make sure that there are shaded areas around. You can do so by keeping the event in a shaded area, having cabanas, etc. If you are having it indoors, you must make sure that there is a good amount of air. No one likes to stay at a party when it is too hot. I know I would want to leave and I would be miserable in the heat. I know this seems like an obvious must-have, but sometimes it can be forgotten to make sure there’s an adequate amount of airflow or shade for the number of people.


Lastly…you clearly have to bring fun to the celebration! A celebration is not a celebration without the fun involved. As with all of the other items, bringing fun to the celebration could be something different depending on the occasion. For example, if you are just having a few friends or family members over, then the fun could simply just be you guys laughing together or playing different games.

If you are doing a wedding reception, then the fun could simply be the music and dancing part of the reception. Regardless of what bringing the fun means to you, it is always important. One thing you don’t want is to have people leaving without your party being memorable or with them wishing they stayed home.

With the summer being a little less than a month away, I am sure that a lot of you are probably preparing for some summer fun. Despite what kind of celebrations you are going to have, make sure you have these five must-haves on your list and prepare for a fun time and memorable moments!

What is on your must-have list when putting together a celebration?


  1. I agree! I would also add good friends! 🙂 I missed my friends last summer due to the pandemic so I’m hoping I can see more of them this summer.

    • Same! I miss my friends so much. It’s been such a sad and depressing time without them so I really hope to see them more this summer too!

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