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5 Gifts For Mom That Money CAN Buy

As April is coming to a close, May is coming and that means so is Mother’s day. It’s always hard to figure out what to gift your mom, especially if she’s someone that has everything! In the previous blog post, I shared gifts for mom that money can’t buy. These are gifts that don’t cost a single dime but would mean the absolute world to your mom if you gifted them to her.

This is part two, but this time I’m sharing gifts for mom that money certainly CAN buy! If you have cash in your pocket and you’re looking for gift ideas, check out these five gift ideas below!

1. A Plane Ticket

The pandemic has made some iffy about wanting to get on a plane, but as people and establishments are trying to coexist with Covid and continue on with life, more have opened back up to traveling once again. If your mom loves to travel, a plane ticket is the perfect gift for her! The only worry she’ll have is what to wear when she gets to her destination!

2. Take her to a fancy restaurant

Sometimes all a mom wants to do is chill back and not have to cook. In the last post, I shared how to help her out without having to spend any money. This one is for when you want to relieve the job of cooking by going all out and taking her to a fancy restaurant. If there’s a restaurant that she doesn’t go to often, if at all, this is the perfect timing to show her a night out as a thanks for everything she has done.

3. Purchase an Edible Arrangement

Edible Arrangements are the top tier gift that everyone deserves at least once in their life. Edible Arrangements is a company that sells an assortment of fruits (often dipped in chocolate) for different occassions. Depending on what you choose, they also have flowers, balloons, bears, treats, and more that are included. You’d think this wouldn’t cost too much, but they are actually pretty expensive. However, the arrangements are so beautiful and the fruit is delicious! Nothing says “I love you” more than sending your mom one of their Mother’s Day arrangements!

4. A luxury selfcare day

Our moms do so much for us and it can take a toll on them. I’m not a mom, but I know that mother’s will do all they can to make sure their child is taken care of while taking a shower as their only form of self care. If you have the money, giving your mom a full selfcare day is the best gift! I am talking about going all out and paying for her hair, nails, waxing….whatever she needs! Some moms can only dream about these type of days, so why not make her dreams a reality!?

5. Hire cleaners for a day

Last but not least, here’s a way to ease the stress of chores when you have a little money to spend! As great as it is to help out and clean up the house yourself, cleaners really help take the load off and give your home that deep clean that maybe even you can’t get. Another great thing about hiring cleaners is that it gives you and your mom free time, which you can spend taking her out!

Although money doesn’t have to be involved in order to give your mom a great gift, it does help if you want to do even more! No matter how much you spend, your mom will enjoy whatever you gift her.

Would you purchase any of these gifts for your mom?


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