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5 Bold Lipstick Shades Perfect For Summer

Today is National Lipstick Day, which means it’s the perfect time to take a risk and get a little bit bold! Makeup has been and always will be the perfect way to express yourself by using the best canvas there is…your face! The most beautiful looks can come from simplistic looks that use neutral tones. However, sometimes it’s fun to break out of your shell and go a little more on the bolder side.

It can be a little scary to test out bright colors, but that’s the fun of it! In honor of national lipstick day, here are the perfect five bold colors to try and rock this summer!

Hot Pink

If you’re a pink lover, this shade is perfect for you to try! There is nothing that says “boss” more than matching your lipstick with your hot pink suit. The color is so vibrant and beautiful that you will certainly make a statement the moment you enter the room!


Purple is one of my favorite lipstick shades to wear! It’s so pretty and looks great no matter what season it is. If you don’t want to get too bold, you can wear a slightly darker purple, or you can go all out and grab the brightest shade you can find!


Orange is a beautiful color and a great shade to wear during the summer. You can pull off so many different looks and you’ll become the center of attention at any party you plan to attend. Don’t be afraid to grab this bold and beautiful shade!


Green is a shade that you don’t see people wear often, but that should change! Green is a great summer shade and it looks great on many different skin tones. If you’ve never seen anyone around you wear this shade, go green and become the next trendsetter!


Last but not least, yellow is a very bright and bold color that demands attention! Some may say the yellow could mean caution and to stay away, but you should grab it and make a statement! It’s a beautiful color that deserves some love this summer. If you’ve never tried this color, go to your nearest store and give it a try!

If you’re someone who is used to sticking with neutral tones, I challenge you to try something different this summer and wear a bold shade at least once! It could be one of the colors shown above or a different shade that you’d prefer. Whichever you choose, remember to wear it with confidence!

Would you wear any of these shades? If so, let me know which one in the comments!


  1. Orange definitely does it for me. I don’t have that lipstick color yet so it would be great to try out something different for a change. All the colors are something to explore with. And they look so 👌.

    • Yes I wouldn’t mind trying orange either! Maybe a deeper orange for me because I’m personally not that bold yet lol but I think it would be so cute. And I agree! They’re all so cute!

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