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40 Inspiring Affirmations For Black Women

February is Black History Month, and as a black person, I am proud of the history of black people despite all the challenges we’ve had to endure in life. As a black woman, I’m proud of the confidence, strength, and beauty we continue to exude despite how much we go through on a daily basis.

Being a black woman, I know how hard it is sometimes because we are often disrespected. Being black alone is hard in society, but add being a woman and there’s even more added to the plate. Society often makes us feel as if we’re not beautiful or we won’t succeed and sometimes we as black women need to hear that we’re not what society deems us to be. These forty affirmations are perfect to help inspire and uplift the black woman!

  1. I am the best version of myself just as I am.
  2. My magic speaks for itself.
  3. I am stepping into my power.
  4. I prioritize my peace.
  5. I am superior to every negative thought.
  6. I am blessed and highly melanated.
  7. I lack nothing.
  8. I achieve every goal and overcome every challenge set before me.
  9. I release the burden of having to be the strong Black woman.
  10. I’ve decided to let go of everything that’s weighing me down.
  11. As a Black woman, I deserve the best things in life and I will not settle for less.
  12. I am completely worthy of all that I desire.
  13. I love the skin I am in.
  14. My black is radiantly beautiful.
  15. My hair texture is beautiful and unique.
  16. I choose to do great things.
  17. I will not settle for less than the best from myself or others.
  18. I am resilient.
  19. I am a beautiful black woman who deserves love, respect, and kindness.
  20. I will spend dedicated time pouring into myself.
  21. I know my value and worthiness.
  22. I am creating the happiness I want in my life every day.
  23. I love myself unconditionally at all times.
  24. I deserve a seat at the table.
  25. I deserve a soft life.
  26. I open myself to receiving an abundance of everything I want.
  27. All the different things about me make me complete.
  28. I am satisfied with my hair, face and body.
  29. I’ll never let anyone look down upon me.
  30. I embrace the greatness within me.
  31. I am proud of my cultural heritage.
  32. I have the blessings of all my ancestors.
  33. I shall always hold my head high.
  34. I am superior to negative thoughts and low actions.
  35. I realize I am more than my circumstances.
  36. I’m a strong and determined black woman.
  37. I am a black woman, I am proud.
  38. I am proud of what black women can achieve.
  39. I am a work of art.
  40. I am a beautiful black woman.

Black women are powerful and sometimes we need a reminder of how powerful and beautiful we are. Reading these affirmations daily will remind you of this whenever you need it!

Which affirmation is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!


    • I like that one as well! There are so many good ones to choose from. Thank you for reading and commenting ♥

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