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4 Ways To Do A Photoshoot On A Budget

Guys let me tell you something, I am mostly a one woman show over here. I am nowhere near to the point of being able to hire a team. Wouldn’t that be amazing though? To have someone handle my social media for me, plan and schedule content, do my marketing, etc. It would be a dream! I might even have a bit more time to actually go on my personal social media accounts again. Sadly though, I do not have a team and I do the majority of what you see myself, EXCEPT take my photos. I’m blessed enough to have a bestfriend that is willing to take my photos for me and for FREE. She doesn’t take photos as a profession, but still. That’s real friendship.

There are a lot of people who are like me and can’t afford to pay for a professional photographer or maybe you can but right now with Corona going on, you might be trying to find ways to still get some good quality photos for Instagram. Whatever the case may be, we have to figure out how to get the job done. If you’re looking for ways to do a photoshoot and on a budget, then just read below!


Backdrops can range from inexpensive to super expensive. You don’t have to drop a whole check on some backdrops in order to get good photos. In fact, just take some colorful paper rolls from the store (they might even have some at Dollar Tree) and boom…you have your own backdrop. Now all you need to do is set your phone or camera up and start snapping!

Do you have photo editing apps on your phone? Good! Have you looked at all the features of them? If not, I assure you at least one of them has a background selection. That’s right, we’re tricking people honey! You could’ve taken photos in a room with a messy background, but just go into your app and edit a backdrop in and you’re done! The only thing about that is it can sometimes look fake. If you’re fine with that then you’re good to go, but if not then you might want to do a little bit more editing on your photos.

Use your own backyard

This dog clearly knows how to use the backyard to get some good photos. Be like this dog. What’s the most budget-friendly way to get some good photos? Use your own backyard! You have everything you need right there. The sun provides the best lighting, you have all the greenery and such to use, and the ideas are endless. It costs to use an actual studio, but it’s free to use your yard. Take advantage of that.

Get a friend

I mentioned in the beginning that my bestfriend takes my photos for me. Again, I’m so very grateful for her. She does such an amazing job with her camera and she’s not even a professional photographer. If you have a friend who has a nice camera or is even just good with the angles on their phone, then I’d ask a friend to get a photoshoot going. I have another friend who turns almost every hangout into a photoshoot. I can guarantee that she’ll ask me to take a few photos for her. You can take each others photos and make it fun. It’s a free way to get some content and have fun with your friend.


If you don’t have a friend available, and even if your backyard isn’t the best for photos, then take a tripod, venture out and find a good spot to take photos. If you’re in public, then you might get a few stares, but just ignore them and continue to work that photoshoot!

Now that you know ways to have a photoshoot on a budget, go out and make some amazing content and slay the internet!

What’s your favorite way to take photos?


    • A tripod, especially a good one, is like a holy grail I swear. Backdrops for sure make things a little more fun with how you can play around with them.

  1. These are such helpful tips!! I think I forget that I AM capable of taking “okay” (not great, but okay) pictures, I just always feel like I can’t compete with other bloggers who take such fantastic photos. But you’ve reminded me that it IS possible and probably way easier than I think it is, so I should give it another shot! (And try not to be too hard on myself, as well). Thank you for the ideas AND the positivity! <3

    • You definitely can do it! I’m happy I was able to help remind you of these things. You are 100% capable of taking some bomb photos. Don’t worry about what other bloggers are doing. As long as you’re happy with your outcome, then that’s what matters β™₯

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