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4 Ways To Create Your Own Private Space

Privacy is cherished and is something that everyone needs. Along with being able to have privacy is also being able to have the peace that comes with said privacy. Though it is important, not everyone gets to experience it or experience it for long.

Your home is the number one space where privacy and peace should exist, however, not everyone gets to have that luxury in their home. Some barely get time to themselves because they live with others in a home or apartment that doesn’t allow much needed privacy.

If you are looking for a way to create your own private space in a home where there is little to none, keep reading for these four ways that allow you to do so!

Put up a divider.

If you are in a situation where you share a room with someone or have minimal space, creating a divider is one of the best ways to separate yourself from others (even if they are in the same room). A divider, whether you are dividing a room or creating a little corner for yourself, allows you to have a private space when said space is not so private at all. You’re able to block out others when needed as a way of setting boundaries and get the peace that has been needed.

Use an extra room as your own sanctuary.

If you are lucky enough to live in a house with an extra room that is not being used much or mostly used for storage, that provides the perfect opportunity to turn it into your own private sanctuary! Get creative and turn the room into whatever you need to use it for. This is your space which provides you the chance to do whatever you’d like to it. Make sure to also either get a lock for the door or a sign so that others in the home know not to bother you while you’re in your place of solitude.

Create your own space outdoors.

One thing that some may not think about when it comes to creating space in a house full of people, is creating a space outdoors! Though not everyone has a backyard, those who do should look into making a private outdoor space by buying a shed. Not only will your shed provide you with the silence you have been looking for, but you can do anything with and around the shed in your yard including creating your own garden spaces! Beautiful flowers will add a nice touch when you are having time to yourself, as well as anything else you may choose to do with the space.

Find solitude away from home.

Lastly, sometimes you have to find solitude away from home. If you live in a packed house with little backyard space or a small apartment, your best bet may be to create your private space in a public area. Spaces such as coffee shops or the library allow you to get a little time to yourself when things are too frantic at home. If you are able to put the money toward your own space, you can also rent an office space. That way, you have a quiet spot to do work if needed but also get achieve peace and privacy.

No matter what your living situation may be, everyone deserves to have their own private space when they need a break. Privacy is one of the most important things someone can have, and with these four ways, there is hope of achieving that.

Which idea would you like to try? Let me know in the comments!


    • That’s amazing…congratulations! I think a vintage divider would be so cute to incorporate in your space ♥

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