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4 Types Of Gift Categories For Christmas 2021

There are officially fifty days until Christmas! The clock is ticking and it’s time for people to figure out what they are getting for their loved ones. Considering personalities, what people like, cost, availability, and more…the task is a lot harder than it may seem. With all of these things to consider, it’s easy for your head to become jumbled trying to figure out the type of gift that would be best.

Something that never fails to help in any situation is dividing things up into different categories. I divided the types of gifts there are into four different categories and, of course, there are more than just four categories that exist but I think these are the main ones that most gifts tend to fall into. If you’re looking for somewhere to start in your gift search, keep reading to find out more!


The first category of gifts is custom items. Next to necessities, which will be discussed later, custom gifts are thoughtful because it can take time for them to be made depending on where you get them and they are personal. Some custom gift ideas include mugs, plush toys, jewelry, and even clothes. Custom gifts are great to receive because who doesn’t like something with their name or picture on it!?


The next category of gifts is monetary gifts. This category is probably the safest option if you’re not sure what to buy or if you’re getting a gift for someone who is picky. One thing for sure is that we all could use a bit of money! Monetary gifts can come in different forms such as gift cards, checks, stocks (if the person is into that), and physical cash.


Next, after monetary gifts, are luxury gifts. In this day and age, it might seem obvious that someone would like a luxury gift, but not everyone is into luxury items. Before gifting a luxury gift, make sure they’re actually into luxury items. With that being said, I think that everyone needs to experience luxury at least once and if you know someone who works hard but doesn’t take the time to get nice things for themselves, this is the perfect time to do it for them! Some ideas for luxury gifts include designer purses, shoes, and a full spa experience with all the works!


The last category of gifts is necessities. As stated earlier, gifting someone with necessities is probably the absolute most thoughtful gift you can give. As a child or a teen, you would never find things like pots and pans or dish towels as something gift-worthy. As an adult, they mean EVERYTHING, especially if you just moved or you need them but can’t afford to purchase new ones at the moment. Finding out what someone needs involves paying attention to details and the person’s needs, or just asking if you prefer the easier, more conspicuous route.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet or do you prefer to wait until it’s closer to Christmas? Which category of gifts would you prefer to receive?


    • Same here! I bought my mom this cute custom plushie a few years ago for a surgery she had and it has her name and the date of the surgery on it. She loved it so much! Custom gifts really do mean a lot.

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