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4 Tips For Staying Motivated To Blog During The Summer

With summertime pretty much being here, it can be a little hard to feel motivated to blog when there’s thoughts of having fun in the sun going on in your mind. The nice weather can make it really easy to put everything off and ignore all of your responsibilites for a good time. However, I wouldn’t suggest for that to be the route you choose.

Sitting down to write doesn’t have to become a daunting task that’s keeping you from all the fun. These tips below will help keep you motivated to blog during summer and you’ll still enjoy the summer fun with your friends!

Think of fun creative blog posts.

My first tip is that you should think of some fun blog posts! There are so many fun blog posts that you can write for the summertime. If you can’t think of any, all you have to do is search on Google or go to Pinterest and find some post ideas that look appealing to you. I even wrote a blog post providing you with 30 blog post ideas for spring and summer! When you have something posts to look forward to writing that you’re excited about, it really helps because now you’re eager to get it out for others to read. Not only are you motivated again to blog, but you’re providing your readers with some fun summer content!

Take breaks and have fun!

My second tip is to make sure you take breaks and have some fun! If you’re just sitting inside the entire time, then you’ll never become motivated because now you’re even more frustrated that you can’t think of anything. It’s important to enjoy the sunshine and make time for fun with friends. To ensure you’re also not behind, come up with a proper schedule for when you’re going to do your writing. You can also plan when you’d like to hang out with your friends so you know to try and have some things done. I also think it’s important to mention that sometimes you may have days where you don’t even feel like planning. You just need to close your laptop, call up a friend, and come back to your work later that day or the next day.

Take advantage of the weather and work outside.

My third tip is to take advantage of this nice weather outside. It’s so nice out and you should enjoy it! Sitting in the same spot every single time can definitely aid in your ability to not feel motivated. It 100% does when it’s in a small space or a space that barely gets any light. Being someone that loves summer but hates the extreme heat temperatures, I understand not wanting to be outside because it’s too hot. To help with that, you can make sure to sit in a nice and shaded area. You can also go inside a building to write where there is a lot of sunlight and beautiful scenery.

Dress up for yourself.

My last tip is to take the time to dress for yourself. One reason I love the summer is that I can start wearing my skirts, dresses, shorts, sandals, etc. I know a lot of people love the fall looks, and they’re cute, but I feel like spring and summer are really where you get to have some fun with your clothing options. Take the time and opportunity to dress up. The best part about summer is that it doesn’t take a lot to look cute. You can throw on a cute dress with some sandals and you’re good to go! Dressing up for yourself can not only boost your confidence but help put you in the mindset where you’re motivated to get writing. Actually, since you’re all dressed up, you might as well go to a nice spot as well to get the writing done! You’ll feel like a boss and the creative juices will come flowing in!

Working and blogging during the summer doesn’t have to be an unmotivating experience. In fact, I think this is the time where there’s motivation all around you the most! Keep these tips in mind the next time you’re feeling unmotivated to blog during the summer and see if you feel a difference in your mood!

What tips do you have for someone feeling unmotivated to blog during the summer?


    • Yes it does wonders! When I really want to get the boss vibes flowing instantly, I throw on a cute outfit. It’s such an instant motivation booster!

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