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4 Things You Have To Do As An Adult

Ad | There are two types of adults. There are adults, and then there are ADULT adults. I think you know what I’m talking about when I say that. There are us adults who are still trying to figure things out and we haven’t really gone through real adulthood, like making our own doctor appointments or doing our own taxes. We are the ones who might even be questioning like “Who advised me to be an adult?” Then there are the adults who have done it all. Those are mostly your parents or older adults. Maybe you’re reading this and you realize that you have become the ADULT adult and you might even have a child or children of your own that have taken the place of being the “less adult”. Regardless of what position you hold, we all have to grow up and do the adulting things we never wanted or even realized we had to do.

It is for sure a hard pill to swallow, but the truth is hard. Today, I’m giving you guys four things that you may not want to do, but you have to do as an adult.

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1. Scheduling your own appointments
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For some, scheduling your own appointments, whether doctor or anything else, is no big deal. However, for myself and others, there is just something about having to schedule your own appointment that is just anxiety inducing. I think it can seem scary because it’s almost like a signature moment of “Wow, I am an adult now!” Next thing you know, you’re going to your appointment by yourself with no one there to fill out your chart or anything. I remember somewhat going to an appointment by myself. It wasn’t a doctor’s appointment, but it was still a very big appointment. I said somewhat because I asked my cousin to come along with me. I just couldn’t handle it by myself, but  I still, of course, had to fill everything out by myself. A small milestone, but a milestone nonetheless.

2. Doing Your Taxes
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This is a BIG one. I don’t think you’ve reached peak adulthood until you have had to tackle the big job of dealing with your taxes. What’s even scarier is having to make sure nothing is messed up because you do not want to worry about the IRS being on your case. How crazy is that? Not having to even really worry about taxes, and then suddenly having to make sure you’re not under the IRS radar? I certainly have yet to hit on that. Luckily, my mom still handles things like that, but I have had to make sure that I have things together and everything to give to her so she can give to the guy that does her taxes. I am not prepared to fully have to worry about taxes myself, but are any of us ever really prepared?

3. Deep clean your home

I’m not talking about the regular deep clean where you finally clean out your messy closet or go in on the cabinets. Although, that is something that is involved. I am talking about a REAL deep clean. I’m talking about deep cleaning the inside AND outside of your home. Cleaning the outside of your home might be the furthest thing from your mind. Who thinks about the outside of the house? It’s just the outside right? Well, it is actually a thing and the ADULT adults do it. Some of us are just too lazy to go that deep into cleaning our homes. I understand because I don’t think I could do all of that myself. However, luckily there is a company called Peach State Pressure Wash located in the Atlanta, Georgia area. If you are in that area, then you are in luck because they provide a multitude of services including driveway pressure washing, sidewalk pressure washing, deck pressure washing, and Buckhead gutter cleaning. You may think that those things don’t matter, but once you have them pressure washed, you really see how much better they look afterward. You can give them a call or send an email if you’d like and have the outside of your home looking just as good as the inside.

4. Pay bills
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Last but not least, you have to pay bills. This might be the worst of the worst. Some of you may have already experienced a taste of it as teenagers. Maybe your parents gifted you a cellphone, but they made you pay for your cellphone bill yourself. Although they can be pretty expensive, those types of bills have nothing on adult bills. I’m talking about rent, mortgages, light, gas, car notes, all of that. I’m pretty sure I have a lot of readers who are already on this level, so you’re just agreeing and maybe even cringing as you’re reading this part. If you’re reading this and you’re not on this level yet but getting ready, then this is just a little heads up! Don’t worry, I’m in that category with you. Being in my younger twenties and fortunate enough to not have to leave out the house right away, I’ve had the luxury of not having to deal with a lot of those things just yet, but I also want my own space, even if my own space comes with baggage aka bills.  

I hope this post didn’t scare you to try and keep from adulting (because you can’t go back even if you tried…sorry) but instead motivated you to look into some of these things so you know you’ll be prepared for when the time comes. If you’re already someone who has started doing these things, then I hope it was just a nice read for you, or you’ve learned something, or even discovered a new post to share with someone you know!


  1. Oh my goodness! This post hit me hard. I still consider myself the less adult even though I do almost all of the things. I think once I get my own place I might feel like an adult adult. Especially the first time you have to call a plubmer or something! haha I have just now gotten better at making my own appointments though!

    • Omg I didn’t even think about when you have to call a plumber lol. I agree with you on the apartment. It’s just hard for me to feel like an adult at all with not having my own car or apartment. I still haven’t gotten to the point of making my own appointments lol. Phone conversations give me anxiety sometimes in general anyways lol, but I’m working on it!

  2. Great post! So true when you say adults versus adult, adults. Lol. Though usually I consider myself the former, getting a puppy has really booted myself into the second camp. I think parenthood is the ultimate step into serious adulthood, and I can only imagine the kind of organization and discipline that requires. Right now, I’m good with mild responsibility and the kind of ease that comes with automatic payments. Thanks for sharing!

    • Oh parenthood definitely can have you thrown into the real adult category super quick! I don’t want children, but I do want a puppy so I’m sure when I’m in my own place with my own puppy, I’ll feel like a true adult lol. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Awesome post. I hate scheduling appointments as much as I hate attending them. So nerve racking! Adulting is strenuous work. Finding ways to make adulting fun helps though. For example playing music while cleaning helps me.

    • Attending them is worse than making them for sure. I love playing music while cleaning, although I end up doing more singing and dancing than cleaning lol

    • Great post. It difficult being a adult, but I always wanted to live alone so that I can do my own things without anyone’s help, and learn things on my own.

  4. Aha I love this. The electricity board knocked on the door yesterday and I had to do the “let me just get my dad” moment because I had no idea what he was talking about. Growing up is hard – they never prepare you for this when they ask you as a kid what you want to be when you grow up, aha. Love this post, thanks for sharing.

    • They really don’t. It’s just one of those “throw you into the wilderness” type of things lol. Glad you loved it! Thanks for reading ♥

  5. I hate doing all these things ecspecially paying bills. It makes me a little sad seeing my paycheck dwindle down when I’m paying my bills. But I got to do it if I want to have a rough over my head and electricity.

    • Yea it really sucks how you have to pay so much for things you literally need to survive and for how little people get paid in order to afford those things too. I really do hate it.

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