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30 Activities For Self-Care

Self-care is an important part and plays a big role when it comes to your mental health. Without getting the proper self-care, it could cause your mental health to dwindle, which could lead to some pretty other harmful effects.

Everyone has their own definition of what self-care is to them. There is no one way to do it. One person may look at laying in bed all day as self-care, while someone else could see doing fun little projects as self-care. It is something that is personal to you and no matter how you do it, it’s essential to add to your everyday life. This is why I’m sharing some self-care activities for you today!

  1. Burning a candle
  2. Drinking coffee/tea
  3. Journaling
  4. Watching Tv/Netflix
  5. Laying in bed all day
  6. Putting your phone on do not disturb mode
  7. Eating tons of snacks
  8. Doing a daily workout routine
  9. Participating in different crafts
  10. Crying
  1. Coloring
  2. Talking to a therapist
  3. Listening to music
  4. Taking a walk outside
  5. Learning a new hobby
  6. Reading a book
  7. Playing with a cute animal
  8. Writing down positive affirmations
  9. Taking an off day from work
  10. Going online shopping/physical shopping
  1. laughing with friends
  2. Deep cleaning your room/house
  3. Staying away from toxic people
  4. Praying/reading your bible
  5. Dancing alone in your room
  6. Going on a vacation
  7. Drinking tons of water
  8. Baking your favorite goodies
  9. Doing a face mask
  10. Going to the spa

As I said in the beginning, self-care is different for everyone, but there are tons of different options to choose from. Some of these activities you might not have realized were a form of self-care, but I felt it was important to add to the list. Some of these things should be applied to daily life and some can become interchangeable. However you do it, just make sure you’re taking time for self-care to help aid in positive mental health.

Do you have a favorite self-care activity? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Great list! I like to get a pedicure or massage when I can for self-care. I don’t always have time to go somewhere, so I also do face masks and watch my favorite shows.

    • I need to get pedicures. I’m not the best at doing my toes, plus the experience is just nice lol. I definitely plan on doing more face masks in the near future!

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