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3 Ways To Gain Confidence As A Plus-size Woman In Spring/Summer Clothing

First, I want to give a little disclaimer before I begin by saying that I know women can have confidence issues at any size. Being a plus-sized woman myself that struggles with feeling confident 100% in certain clothing, I wanted to make sure to reach out specifically to other women like me. Please feel free to continue to read, because I think anyone can get a takeaway from these few tips!

Now that we’ve gone through the disclaimer, the hotter months have arrived and it’s time to start wearing less and going out -oh yea…thanks a lot covid. Well, we can still wear less and start bringing out those shorts, crop tops, and all of our other spring and summer favorites! As cute as those things are and as fun as it is to wear them, it’s not so fun for some people. Specifically, women in the plus-size community who aren’t so confident in their bodies.

Being that there are people who feel the need to express their thoughts when they see a bigger woman living their life and wearing whatever she wants (I’m talking about all of you with Doctorate degrees from Google State), it can be hard sometimes to feel confident enough to step out in things like shorts and crop tops. I decided to make the leap just last year and went out in shorts for the first time. Now, I find myself looking for more to wear!

I’m not always feeling so confident in how my stomach looks in my shorts, but there are some things that I do to help gain a little confidence and push away any anxious thoughts that try to come into my mind. In hopes of helping another woman like me, I’m passing these things along with you today!

Pretend as if the world is your runway.

The first thing that usually helps me is to just pretend that the world is your runway. Whenever I do my shoots with my friend and I take pictures where I’m walking towards her, I’m so nervous at first that I’m being stared at and judged. Then, I just play some music in my head and strut! People are supposed to watch because it’s your runway and you’re stealing the show! What they’re saying is none of your concern. The only thing you’re focused on is being the baddie that you are in those clothes. If you’re really shy like I am, then it might take a little bit to get to that point. Once you let go, all cares go straight out of the window, especially with the right song!

Choose clothing styles that emphasize the parts of your body that you like.

You should like and accept all parts of your body, but realistically, it can take time for some. What can help is to wear clothing that emphasizes the parts of your body that you like and also helps to do the opposite for the parts that you’re not too fond of at the moment. For example, as I said earlier, I started gaining the courage to wear shorts last summer. For the moment, I only like to wear more flowy, loose shorts. I like them because they don’t put as much emphasis on my lower stomach area like tighter jean shorts would, and I just like having my legs out so that’s just a plus with shorts. Find clothing items that make you feel comfortable and bring out your most confident self!

Remember that you have the right to feel and be comfortable.

When I first stepped out in shorts, or even in crop tops, I would feel like others are judging me for being in these items…simply because I have a bigger body. Listen, you have the right to be and feel comfortable in your clothes! No one has time to wear a long sleeve shirt and jeans in almost 100-degree weather. Who is going to do that!? Not I! If smaller people can wear shirts with their belly out and shorts with their butt cheeks practically coming out, then why can’t you if that’s what makes you comfortable? Don’t get me wrong, I am still very shy and trying to work on my insecurities, so the thought of being judged or that I “look crazy” runs into my mind often. What helps me is simply the fact that I love what I have on and I feel good in it. That’s all I need to know and that’s all you need to know when it comes to yourself.

I hope that with this advice, you feel ready to put on those clothing items you’ve always wanted to wear, but never felt comfortable enough to try. Please remember that you don’t have to be a certain size to wear something. All you need to have is a body and you’re good to go. I told myself that I wouldn’t wear shorts until I lost weight. I didn’t lose weight, but I did it anyway! With that being said, I also need you to remember that this is a process and it’ll take time to take the steps. I wear flowy shorts now, but I still have to work towards wearing tighter clothing like bodycon style clothing and jean shorts. I’ll get there one day and so will you with whatever you feel uncomfortable with currently.

It’s not about when you shed your body fat, but about when you shed your mind of those negative perceptions of yourself.


  1. I loved the runway concept. That made me laugh out loud because I used to do that. I called it my sexy-walk and there was major struttage. I don’t do it anymore but it was a lot of fun. What I struggle with is lighter, brighter colours, they seem to draw the eye to the extra curves but online as opposed to the limits in-store now have more variety and beautiful outfits that I’m experimenting with. At first I thought the looks were bad but turns out they were complimentary. It was a half white top and I don’t wear white lol 😀

    • Yeees to the sexy walk! lol I love it! I’m so happy to hear that you’re experimenting more. I’m not a fan of white myself, but that’s just because I’m too messy to wear white a lot lol, but I love that you’re trying things out and loving them!

      • Absolutely! We have to show the curveless how it is done and good on you for the shorts. What I keep reminding myself is that some of those judgy curveless folk think they look good in anything because they have the figure to pull it off but many of them don’t so why should we be afraid to wear something that actually suits us and maybe snug but is gorgeously framing our femininity. I’m thankful for my shapliness 😀

        • Yea, unfortunately, there are some people who are very judgy and think they look better in things simply because they’re smaller. But, there are bigger women and so many plus size models out now too that are giving them a run for their money! Rock those curves!

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