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3 Tips To Get Genuine Social Media Followers

Social media these days is all about growth and getting the most followers in the quickest amount of time. However, there are still people in the world who prefer genuine followers over the amount of followers.

Seeing as how the facade of social media is easy to pull you in and make you paint a perfect image on your posts yourself, it can become hard to break away and do something different, however it’s necessary to grow genuine followers. These tips that I’ve provided below are things that I personally do/don’t do that have allowed me to gain a genuine following on my social media!

Don’t go for the “follow for follow” trap.

Doing a “follow for follow” may seem like a great way to gain followers, and it can be, however it’s not the best way to gain genuine followers…keyword being genuine. Often times people ask to do a follow for follow or message you about joining some sort of follow train. A follow train typically consists of following the person who messaged you plus others who they will tell you to follow as well. Again, if your goal is to simply gain followers then this might be perfect for you, but we’re aiming for genuine followers. In the end this will just get you random followers, people on your timeline who don’t fit your vibe, ghost followers, possibly bots, and even lost followers because a lot of those same people will trick you into following them just to either not follow you at all or unfollow you so you’re only following them.

Create genuine content that shows your personality.

Social media is all about creating a facade, that’s a not secret. But, what if you were actually genuine and real on your posts? I think nowadays people are drawing closer to the more authentic posts that people make on their social media. It shows that you’re an actual human with flaws and people can relate to that which will make them want to follow you. If you prefer to constantly look “perfect” then that’s fine also, but realize that the people who follow you will expect that from you on a consistent basis because that’s why they followed you. It’s okay not to be perfect or to show that you “actually do cuss a little”. Your followers will love you even more for it and they’ll continue to grow because of it.

Make real connections/interactions.

Lastly, to get genuine followers, you should make real interactions on your accounts. When I say real interactions, I mean commenting on posts and sharing other’s content because you genuinely like/want to and not because you expect the same thing back from them. This also means talking to them, not to try and collab, but purely for a nice conversation to get to know each other. Gaining new genuine followers is great, but it’s also to important to make sure you’re being a genuine follower and that the followers you already have are genuine. Once you do that, your followers will want to share your work simply because you’re a great person with great content, and that will bring along a new audience of people to connect with who genuinely love your vibe.

Again, these are tips that I genuinely do which has allowed me to gain a genuine following on my social media’s. Feel free to use this as a guide while also searching for more ways that might fit you a bit better.

Social media apps may reward gaining large followings with more access to different tools, but it doesn’t mean anything if it’s not genuine or if it’s at the cost of you pretending to be someone that you are not. Remember to remain true to who you are and your followers will love you just the same!


    • I’m glad you found this helpful and I’m wishing you much growth on your social media ♥

    • Of course! I’m glad I could share some helpful tips. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

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