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3 Of My Top Colourpop Lipsticks

Happy National Lipstick Day!

Okay, so this isn’t an actual holiday, but it’s still a fun day to celebrate! The planner that I have shares fun little made up holidays and when I saw that today was national lipstick day, I thought it was the perfect time to share three of my favorite lipsticks from Colourpop. Although I do have a somewhat decent amount of lipsticks, I don’t wear them often these days. I do, however, still have my go to’s out of the bunch that I’m sharing with you guys today!

Too Lips

photo by Temptalia

This is a liquid lipstick and the best way to describe it is a brown with a hint of purple. I always love a good brown lip and this one is a go to for when I don’t want anything super dark on my lips, but I still want a nice brown. It’s also perfect for any look!


Photo by Temptalia

This is my like my absolute fave out of all the faves! This is a true deep chocolate brown and I’m forever in love. This lipstick especially goes good when you’re doing a gold look on your eyes.


Photo by Temptalia

Did someone say dark purple lippie!? Yes please! This color is a deep purple and it is not for the weak at heart. When I’m going out to the club or bar, this would typically be my go to. I don know about you, but to me a deep purple lip can be just as sexy as a deep red.

Unfortunately, these lip colors are no longer being sold on the website. That’s sad news for me as well because I need to get more of them. I am looking for new brands to try though! I’m accepting any suggestions as long as they’re not super high priced (I’m not rich just yet). 100 points for you if the brand is black owned!

What’s your favorite lipstick brand or color? Let me know in the comments!


    • I want to get more, but I also want to look into more black owned brands too thought. Their liquid lipsticks are my fave though!

    • I haven’t tried their lux lipsticks yet. I haven’t bought makeup for a little while, but those lipsticks look so cute and fancy! They’ve been on my list of makeup products to try, so I’ll have to try them out for sure now.

    • I don’t use it as often myself. I still have the same colors, but I really need to clean out my makeup and update them. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

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