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3 Easy Ways To Make Money As A Blogger

We are officially in the holiday season of the year, which means that Christmas is steadily creeping around the corner and it’s time to think about Christmas gifts. The question to ask isn’t only what you plan on getting others for Christmas, but how?!

With prices rising all over, some may be tight on money at the moment. As a blogger, it takes a little time before you begin to see opportunities for money to flow in, and the flow will not always be as consistent as you may like.

Whether you’re trying to build up the cash to purchase gifts for others, or you need a few dollars for yourself, these three easy ways will have you putting cash in your wallet!

1. Google Ads

If you notice the ads that pop up on my blog, those are called Google ads! This is one of the easiest options on the list, but can also become one of the hardest at the same time. They are also typically easy to set up on Google Adsense. Once you have them set up, they will show up on your website, which visitors will have to click in order for you to receive compensation. The reason this could also become one of the hardest ways to make money is that you have to get people to actually click on the ads. As easy as that may sound, people typically ignore them, but it does help to have a community that doesn’t mind helping out!

2. Sell a digital product

If you’re good with Canva and you like creating ebooks, templates, or things of the sort…creating and selling digital products is a great choice to stack up those bucks! Figure out what it is that people need and then create it to sell. In the blogging community, we love a good Pinterest template or anything that can help keep us on track! Digital products are also a lot easier to sell than physical products and they don’t take as much work to put together.

3. Provide a service

Do you feel that you have something you can provide to the blogging community? As a blogger, especially if you’ve been blogging for quite a while, people may trust you and even come to you for help. If you’re noticing this, now is the time to begin a service where you can share your expertise and make some money in return. You can do consultations, host classes, and more! All you have to do is figure out which fits you best and promote yourself!

Of course, everything takes a little bit of work and nothing comes easy, but these are some of the easier ways that can help you when you need a little bit of extra cash in your pocket. Remember that you still have to promote yourself and show that whatever you’re providing is of good quality and what your audience needs. Once you get the ball rolling, you’ll be making money in no time!

Have you tried any of these? Would you add anything to the list?


  1. Good list of ways to make money as a blogger! I don’t put ads on my blog because I don’t get enough traffic. I also don’t have a product to sell. However, I started making a little bit of money from writing on Medium. They pay me for my articles based on how long people spend reading them, so I have been putting my effort into writing. As for my personal hobby blog, I have made $0 sadly, but I don’t want to give up! I will downgrade my WP plan when it comes time to renew and will focus more on writing.

    • It definitely can take some time, but I’m proud of you for not giving up and just putting more focus into your craft. It can be hard for us bloggers when there are videos and podcasts to compete with, but we got this! ♥

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