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25 Things I’ve Learned In 25 Years

Are you tired of me mentioning my birthday yet?? Well, don’t you worry because this will be my last birthday post since TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY! It’s been a little mental health journey these past few days, but I’m so excited for my birthday. Am I more excited about the free food that I’m going to eat? Probably.

Tip: make accounts to as many of your favorite restaurants as possible so you can eat free all day on your birthday!

In honor of turning 25 tomorrow, I’m writing the ever so popular “Things I’ve Learned” post. I’m going to do this post a little differently this time. Instead of just making a list of just 25 things I’ve learned, I’m going to write 15 things I’ve learned and 10 things I want to learn or wish I knew that I have no clue about yet. I think by doing it this way, it shows others who are my age or younger that you don’t have it all figured out by 25 and that you’re not alone for not knowing things you feel you’re supposed to know. With that being said, let’s get into it!

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15 Things I’ve Learned

1. independence is important

2. you’re more than likely not going to have everything figured out

3. It’s ok to take time and figure out what you want in life

4. student loans are very real and they suck

5. mental health is more important than a job

6. somehow you’re young but also an elder at the same time in your 20’s

7. many, many MANY mistakes will be made and that’s ok

8. You might discover a passion you never knew you could have

9. college isn’t for everyone

10. crackling knees (if you know, you know)

11. being an introvert suddenly hits a little harder

12. time with family and friends become more important

13. the social clock is real and very dangerous to your mentality

14. being an adult sucks

15. being an adult may suck, but it has its fun moments too

10 Things I Want To Learn

1. how to do taxes

2. how to save money/budget

3. check/ change the oil in a car

4. time management

5. how to build credit

6. how to sew

7. to cook a real meal ( I know how to cook some things, but I won’t be volunteering to host Thanksgiving anytime soon)

8. CPR

9. how to run a business

10. how to be an ADULT adult (yes this is a thing)

Let me know if you like this format and if you can relate to any of these!



  1. Mental health is so important and this didn’t hit me until I got older. I’m more focused on making sure I’m happy and in a good place than my job. The job will be there but my mental health is something that takes a higher priority.

  2. I relate massively to number 11! Also when you’ve learnt how to be an adult can you give me some tips + advice? Much appreciated from future me! haha

  3. Happy Birthday!
    I can relate to all of these. Being an adult with crackling knees and student loans can suck some times. Good luck with the ten things you want to learn. Sewing is pretty easy I taught myself how through YouTube videos.

  4. I LOVE this! I love how you mixed things with what you’ve learned and what you WANT to learn! I totally agree with the crackling knees and I need to learn how to check my car’s oil (I mean, my dad has shown me, but um…I always forget…). I took a CPR class YEARS ago, but it would be cool to take one again! You have some good life lesson that you’ve learned! I actually tried to write a post like this for MY birthday, but yours is just so much better that I’m glad I never ended finishing mine 😉 Maybe next year!

    Happy belated Birthday, gorgeous!! I hope this is the best year yet for you!! <3

    Emily |

    • kind of like how I learned how to change a tired in driving school but I don’t know how well I remember it now lol. And no you should’ve finished it! I would’ve loved to read that. You definitely have to do it next year! And thank you love ♥♥

  5. I relate so hard to the things you want to learn, especially how to cook a meal and how to budget properly! I’m terrible at both 🤦🏻‍♂️ 😂 a lot of what you’ve said in the things you’ve learned is so relatable too, especially the thing about college not being for everyone – I definitely found that out the hard way! Happy belated birthday! Xx

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