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25 Post Ideas For Blogmas 2022

We may still be in summer, but if you’ve done blogmas before then you know the importance of starting sooner than later with the writing process. If you’ve never been on my blog before or this is your first time hearing about blogmas, it’s when bloggers post every day starting December 1st and ending on December 25th.

Blogmas is fun to participate in, but it can become hectic very quickly if you’re not well prepared. This is why some choose to start working on their blogmas posts around this time of the year. Personally speaking, I think one of the hardest things about blogmas besides posting every day is thinking of different topics and ideas to write about. In fact, if you’re ahead of the game, you can have everything written and scheduled so you don’t have to worry about posting when the time comes. However, you still have to get through the difficult part of the process…thinking of something to write about.

With that being said, here are 25 ideas that will hopefully help ease the stress of any bloggers out there that are trying to think of different topics but are having a little bit of trouble!

  1. Your favorite holiday treats
  2. Stocking stuffer ideas
  3. Holiday drink ideas
  4. DIY Christmas decorations
  5. Your favorite Christmas traditions
  6. Christmas makeup ideas
  7. Holiday activities for places that don’t snow
  8. Christmas playlist ideas
  9. Create your own blogmas post ideas
  10. How to stress less during the holidays
  11. Your favorite Christmas movies
  12. Your goals for next year
  13. New Year’s outfit ideas
  14. The best places to travel for the holidays
  15. Budget-friendly gift ideas
  16. An update on how you did with your 2022 goals
  17. How to shop for someone who has everything
  18. Small businesses to shop from
  19. Holiday party theme ideas
  20. Ideas for doing secret Santa
  21. Cute matching Christmas pajama sets
  22. Christmas TikTok accounts to check out
  23. How to stay sane during the holiday season
  24. How to recuperate after the holidays
  25. What I got for Christmas

Thinking of topic ideas in general isn’t easy because writer’s block loves to come in the way. Trying to think of new ideas every year for Christmas without being too repetitive makes it even harder. Hopefully, these ideas will help ease that pain!

Are you thinking of doing blogmas this year? If you are, do you plan on posting the traditional way or with your own twist?


  1. I absolutely love Christmas and am toying with the idea of Blogmas. Every year I do a Christmas themed music challenge and build up a playlist attached to it on YouTube or Spotify. As you say, I definitely need to plan it. Last year I did 3 articles about Christmas books and music, and I am thinking of going through my CD, DVD and Book collection and reviewing one for every day. It is definitely something I can prepare and your post has given me the push to start planning. Thank you! If anyone is interested in what I produced last year it’s at the link

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