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2021 Fall Survival Guide: What You Need To Successfully Conquer The Season

Are you someone who isn’t too fond of fall and never really know how to survive the season or maybe someone who loves fall but the past year has just thrown you off a bit? Well, have no fear…your 2021 fall survival guide is here!

The shift from summer to fall is one that has always seemed too abrupt (to me anyways). One day it’s so sunny and bright…then suddenly it’s dark by 5PM. The transition from summer to fall can really mess someone up, especially for those who don’t know how to deal with it, and surviving in the fall could be something that has never been a successful feat. This time you will succeed and you can do so by checking out my survival guide below!


First up on the list is a nice pair (or a few pairs) of boots! Boots are a fall staple and they are perfect to help keep your feet warm as the weather starts to get a little bit chillier. There are so many different types and colors that boots come in, which makes them a great choice to pair with any outfit!

Warmer clothing.

Along with the boots, when fall comes around, it’s time to bring out warmer clothing. Depending on where you live, you might not need sweaters to survive the fall weather, but a light jacket or even long sleeve shirts do the trick just fine. For others, you might even need to prepare your thick sweaters if it’s a place that gets a lot colder much faster. Whether it’s a light jacket or heavy coat, pulling out your warmer items is a must as the cool fall air begins to arise.

Rake or leaf blower.

Next, to successfully conquer the season, you need a good rake or leave blower. If you live near a bunch of trees then you know to expect a bunch of little friends to start falling down…they don’t call it fall for nothing! If you’re someone that prefers a more neat-looking yard, then a rake or leaf blower will become your best friend. Even though it can be a lot of work, you get a nice looking yard and can even jump in the leaf pile afterward!


Now, I know you didn’t think that there was going to be a survival guide without the mention of sunscreen! Sunscreen is important for every season, even in the fall and winter. The sun is still shining no matter how cold it is so it’s important to protect your skin. Even if it was a cloudy day, it’s still important to put sunscreen on your face from the rays that can penetrate through the clouds.

Light Therapy Lamp.

This one is a must for surviving through fall if you go through seasonal depression. The deeper we get into fall, the longer we’re spending our days in darkness. Some may look forward to it, but people who deal with seasonal depression or who struggle to get up in the morning are having a very hard time during this moment. To survive the fall darkness, a light therapy lamp is an essential to have by your bedside table. If you’ve never heard of a light therapy lamp, in a shorter definition, it is a lamp that mimics outdoor light that can cause a chemical change and help lift your mood. Please note that it’s not a final cure to seasonal depression, but participating in light therapy daily is suggested and helps make up for the light that is lacking during the cold seasons.

Brace yourself for everything pumpkin flavored.

You’re probably thinking this should say “Grab everything pumpkin flavored” for those who are lovers of the flavor. This one is more fitting because it sits in the middle. When it comes to pumpkin flavored products, you’re either bracing your tastebuds for all of the pumpkin you’ll be eating or you’re bracing yourself by preparing your eyes for all of the pumpkin flavored items in the grocery store aisles that probably should never exist. Whichever side you’re on, make sure you’re ready for battle for the rest of the season.

Plan fall activities.

Lastly on the survival guide is to plan some fun fall activities. Whether you love it or hate it, what makes every season more bearable is finding fun things to do during it. If you’re someone who’s looking for fun date ideas, whether alone or with someone, you can check out ideas here.

There you have it…Deandra’s declassified fall survival guide (high-five if you got the reference)! Now you can confidently proceed into the season locked and loaded.

What would you add to your fall survival guide?


  1. Some great tips regarding Fall. I love your point about the abrupt change from Summer to Fall transition. Having a leaf blower is a wonderful tipπŸ€— Thank you for sharing 😊

    Pastor Natalie

    • Thank you so much! I’m sure leaf blower wasn’t one that people would expect me to add, but it’s definitely a necessity if you have a lot of leaves! Thanks for reading and commenting β™₯

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