Six Activities For Singles To Do On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is next week, and if you’re single like me and have no Valentine, then the only plans you probably have involve stuffing your face with chocolate and indulging in Netflix (honestly sounds like a win to me). Being single doesn’t mean you have to stay home by yourself all day (unless you just want to). You can celebrate Valentine’s day and enjoy it while single! Check the list below for some activities for singles to do on Valentine’s day!

group of friends making toast 1. Host a singles party

Hosting a party for you and your single friends and family is a fun way for all the singles to get together and have a good time!


five women laughing 2. Go out for Galentines day

Instead of celebrating Valentine’s day, try celebrating Galentine’s day! Get some of your closest gal pals and go hang out! It’s a great time to just appreciate each other and women’s empowerment.


woman girl beauty mask 3. Make it a self care day

Instead of worrying about couples showing love to each other, show some love to yourself! Self care days are definitely made to be done on more than just one day a year, but it’s perfect if you don’t do self-care as often as you should.


woman wearing black dress shirt eating popcorn 4. Watch romantic movies

If you’re a fan of romance, then you can chill inside and have a day filled with romantic movies!


baked heart shape cookies 5. Make some Valentine’s treats

Why not take advantage of the holiday and make some delicious treats! Whether you choose to share them is completely up to you!


hand with oil pastel draws the heart 6. Get crafty

Lastly, try making some crafts! Some find it therapeutic to do crafts. When you’re done, you can even give them out to your friends and family!


Will you be single this year for Valentine’s day? If so, are you planning on doing anything special for yourself?



4 thoughts on “Six Activities For Singles To Do On Valentine’s Day

  1. These are some great suggestions.I usually take a self-care day. And since it’s on a Friday this year. I’ll be taking a self-care weekend. My plan is to hang out in front of the TV and eat junk food.

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  2. Thank you, I think I will choose something from the list 🙂 maybe I will make it a self-care day combined with watching romantic movies. I am thinking about to all the boys i loved before 2, have you watched it?

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