My Thoughts On Turning 25

I’ve been talking about my birthday and it is exactly one week away! I have so many thoughts on turning 25, and if you read my post on having a midlife crisis, then you know a little of how I feel.

Turning 25 is different for everyone, just like any age. Some people could care less about it. Others could mark this as one of those big birthdays where you have to go all out on. Some people feel like they’re ready and in their full adult and grown status, while others just feel like they hit an adult age but still have the child mentality or lifestyle. I know for me, I kind of feel…vacant.

I know that may seem like a weird word to use, but it’s the best word that I can come up with. I’m currently in a place where I’m just figuring things out…as most 20 something-year-olds are. I say vacant because I don’t necessarily know how to feel. Of course I’m grateful that I’m going to be making it another year. I’m, of course,  also kind of freaking out a little because I’m just one of those people that doesn’t like to get older. In the end, though, my overall feeling is just vacant because I just can’t find one feeling to use.

I will say though, that I’m excited about what I plan on doing in my 25th year of life. I’m excited about the goals I have for myself and the future I’m going to start working towards. So, I may not have many feelings about being the age itself, but 25 will be an amazing year. I’m claiming it and putting it into existence for myself and for you all to see!

If you’re turning 25 this year, or even if you’re not, then make the statement that [insert age here] will be an amazing year!



10 thoughts on “My Thoughts On Turning 25

  1. I think that creating goals and making positive plans can really help with birthdays! Thinking about the years flowing by can be a bit terrifying so I hear you when you say you don’t like getting older. I do hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

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  2. Happy early birthday! Birthdays are kind of weird for me, too. It’s not like how it used to be when we were little and we were so ready to be a year older! But I love how you’re excited about what you’re going to do at 25, not necessarily the age itself. It’s your goals and your attitude that really matter and you’re brimming with both! 🙂

    Emily |

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