Diary Entry #18

Dear Diary,

First off…Happy new year! This is the first diary entry of the year…and what a year it’s starting out to be. 12 days in and I feel like I’ve already failed like half the stuff I said I wanted to. Regardless, like I said, It is only 12 days in so I can’t be so hard on myself for literally not doing a sudden 360 and getting everything done. I blog about that type of stuff and then beat myself up when it applies to me. I know I can’t be alone when it comes to that. On a good note, I’m working hard on these merch designs and so far I’m pretty happy with what I have so far. I think they’ll be finalized either this month or next month so I’m excited. When I do finally sell my merch, I hope it goes well because this is just the beginning. My vision will be put into action…I’m claiming it!

With love,


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