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2020: The Year That Cleared Our Vision

Oh 2020, you have been one crazy rollercoaster we never asked to go on, but had no choice but to take.

This might be traumatizing for some of you, but let’s go back to the beginning. That’s right, right before the clock struck midnight and we entered into the whirlwind that happened to be 2020. All we had in our minds was that 2020 was going to be the year of perfect vision. We were going to obtain clarity on our paths and our futures. We had goals planned and this year was going to tell us exactly what was lined up for us and we were ready to put in that work to make those visions come true.

Then, we found out we were just as wrong as Raven wrongly interpreting her visions. Oh Snap!

The thing is, we weren’t wrong at all. Was 2020 itself the year of clear vision? Absolutely not. In fact, 2020 was more blurry than any year that I can imagine. A lot of people didn’t know where their money was going to come from, when they’d be able to see their loved ones in person let alone hug them, or what the state of the world was going to be by the end. I’m using past tense, but these thoughts and worries are still going on all the way into 2021. 2020 was as blurry as letters look when I’m far away without my glasses (thanks astigmatism).

However, 2020 did clear our vision.

Some may read that and think they’re both the same thing. Possibly, but not necessarily. With all the uncertainty going on this year, a lot of people have managed to learn and realize a lot of things. Some of these things range from learning how to recreate Starbucks drinks to learning that their job really is a piece of sh*t and not worth their mental stability.

We’ve learned what we’re capable of doing. There are so many businesses that have popped up this year. Some of those businesses are from people I personally went to school with and I’m so proud. We have gained the strength to dive into our potentials. We’ve gained clarity about the people around us. You don’t always know who’s truly there for you until you need them to be. If there has ever been a moment where checking in on your close circle is crucial, this year is the grand moment of them all. It showed you who is by your side, and who was in a disguise. This could also mean that some people who were the closest of friends might have learned it was time to find a new crew. This isn’t nor good or bad. It may have just become apparent during this time that you’re all on your own very different paths.

People have been trying to figure out life way before now. They didn’t know how to save money, what to do for a career, or even who they were as a person. When all you have is yourself and the walls you’re in, you have no choice but to sit and figure it out. Now, they may be coming out of this year with all of that clear to them…plus more.

The hardest part is having to sit with ourselves and just…be. We can’t go to clubs, restaurants, arcades, etc. As much as we may not like it and became testy after a while, it’s what we needed. That’s something that can’t be denied.

To wrap this up, was 2020 itself the year of clear vision? No. But, it wiped our eyes and showed us more clarity about the government, people, our own capabilities, the companies we work for, and more. We have absolutely no clue what will happen within the next year or even five, so it’s important to keep the experiences and knowledge we’ve gained and bring them with us for the years to come.


  1. I definitely agree with everything said. While 2020 may have been the utmost confusing year, it really helped to clarify the things I want. It’s just now a matter of having the courage to take the risks to make it happen.

    • Absolutely. It’s hard for me to take risks too, but if anything I’m learning is that you just gotta dip your toe in and then just…jump! Otherwise, nothing will happen. Thanks for reading and commenting love β™₯

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