Blogmas Day 6: Corny Christmas Movies You Love To Watch

You can’t have Christmas without the corny Christmas movies! I’m talking Lifetime status…guy ends up with the girl…blah blah type of corny. Why do we watch them when we know how it’s going to end anyway? Because they’re just so addicting.

Grab your eggnog, your tissues, and your Christmas pajamas because I’m going to give you a list below for you to binge watch and get your corny Christmas movie fill!

mistletones.jpg1. The Mistle-tones


christmas cupid 2. Christmas Cupid


everyday is christmas3. Everyday Is Christmas


My christmas inn4. My Christmas Inn


jingle bell.jpg5. Jingle Belle


wrapped up in christmas6. Wrapped Up In Christmas


dear secret santa7. Dear Secret Santa


holiday in handcuffs8. Holiday In Handcuffs


santa baby9. Santa Baby


snowglobe10. Snowglobe

17 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 6: Corny Christmas Movies You Love To Watch

  1. Haha I have my moments where I want to watch movies like these. I loved My Christmas Inn and Snowglobe! I gotta watch those that I have not yet. I am off Christmas Eve so I am definitely binge-watching after last-minute shopping.

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