Blogmas Day 1: November Life Update 2019

Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link. If you choose to purchase through the link, it will be of no extra cost to you but it will help me out.

Happy December! It’s the last month of the year and also the month with my favorite holiday in it…Christmas! I can’t believe it’s almost 2020! I know that’s said a lot, but we’re so close this time we can practically taste the freshness of a new year. But first, let me slow it down and get to these December goals. As always, here’s a recap of November and what I’ve accomplished.

dec goals

Use budget planner.  I’ve technically only written in it maybe once or twice, but it still counts! I’m the absolute worse at budgeting so I’m hoping I learn how to budget better in the new year.

Getting into an affiliate program. I decided to sign up for an affiliate program with  They have some cute items and designs that others created on and they’re not that expensive! Here’s one of my favorite items on the site.

December Goals


♥ go to the gym 2x a week

♥ do daily bible studies

♥ work on planning/budgeting


♥ interview blogger

♥ get more organized with my socials

♥ read more blog posts/ interact

I may have not gotten a lot accomplished for November, but December will be a lot better! What’s a goal of yours for December?


6 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 1: November Life Update 2019

  1. It feels like this year just flew by. I love Society6 they have a lot of cool designs to choose from. One of my goals this month is to relax and do more of what I love. I’ve been busy the last couple of month and haven’t had much down time. So I want to take this month to recharge so I can go into the new year feeling refreshed. Good luck with all your goals this month.

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