Honoring Black Soldiers

Today is Memorial Day and for the ones that might get them confused, Memorial Day is the day that is used to honor the fallen soldiers that lost their lives. I just want to take a moment to especially acknowledge the black soldiers who have lost their lives.

Sidenote: If you are an “All lives matter” person, then please exit this post. Please and thank you.

It’s no question how this country treats black people. I think most of us (the ones who choose to actually see the issues and not stay oblivious to them) can see this. Despite that, we still have black people who are in the military or have been in the military fighting for the same country that consistently turns on them. People who literally have put their lives in danger. Those same lives so many people disregard in this country are the same lives that have been lost fighting for it.

Yes, every soldier that has lost their life deserves to be honored, but today, I’d like to especially honor the ones who have gone into battle with a world full of hate on their back and still fought until they took their last breath….my black soldiers.

Thank You.



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