March Life Update 2019

Happy April 1st everyone! We are already in April and doing a March update…honestly feels crazy to me. I feel like it’s said all the time that the year is going by fast, but it’s honestly so true. Time just keeps ticking, which makes it important to get things done! Speaking of getting things done, let’s get this recap going and see what’s been happening in the month of March!

march 2019 goals

As usual, here’s a reminder of the goals I made for March. Let’s get into what I accomplished or started working on. I’ve started using a finance calendar to help with my money. I’m not the best at using it consistently, but it’s a work in progress. It definitely does help you see what you’re spending your money on. I’ve also been trying to listen to different podcasts as well, so expect a post on those maybe in the next month!  Still have a lot to work on when it comes to working out, but I hope to buckle down soon. And lastly, I always try to remember what I want and even though I feel like I can’t always work on things as much as I would like, I’m still doing SOMETHING to help get where I want to be.

So what are my goals for April? Check down below!

♥ work on saving money

♥work on being more positive about things

♥come up with new blog post ideas

♥continue to work on being healthier

♥continue to work for what I want

What are your goals for April? Let me know in the comments!


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