10 African American Inventors #BlogBLHistory

January has come and gone and now February is here. February is very important because it’s Black History Month. In honor of BHM, I’ll be doing a challenge every week created by Kathryn Hall. The name of this challenge is #BlogBlHistory, which is the combination of Black History Month and blogs. Today’s challenge is to name 10 African American inventors and their inventions!

  1. Madam CJ Walker- creator of African American hair care products
  2. Marie Van Brittan Brown-  invented a precursor to the home TV security system
  3. George Carruthers- created the ultraviolent camera/spectograph
  4. Dr. Patricia Bath- invented the Laserphaco probe
  5. Jan Ernst Matzeliger- invented an automated shoemaking machine that attached a shoe’s upper part to its sole
  6. Alexander Miles- invented automatic doors on elevators
  7. George Washington Carver-created over 300 products by using the peanut
  8. Dr. Shirley Jackson- invented the touch tone telephone, caller ID, and fiber-optic cable
  9. Garrett Morgan- developed the gas mask and traffic signal
  10. Charles Drew- invented the blood bank


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