God Do You Hear Me?

This one’s for my Christians like myself. I feel like throughout a christian’s life there comes a moment where their religion or Christianity might be questioned. This doesn’t pertain to every one, but I know it does to some. I’m not questioning my religion, but I feel like my Christianity is just at a standstill. I’m at point in my life right now where I’m asking myself…does God even still hear me?

The worst thing as a Christian, I believe, is the feeling that God has given up on you. Do I think he’s given up on me? No. But I don’t think that my prayers would be as strong as someone who’s been consistently faithful and hasn’t started straying. I haven’t been praying outside of the usual prayers. You know the usual prayer for safety in a car or maybe a quick one to yourself before a test or an interview.

I grew up with very religious grandparents (especially my grandmother) and I’ve always had religion shoved down my throat practically. I feel like sometimes it can be a lot. It has its pro’s and con’s. You do get to learn more about the bible but also there can be moments where it’s too much. It can go to a point to where because they are so religious, I end up not being able to really be myself to my full extent.

I think during that moment in a Christians life when they are questioning their Christianity, they’re also finding who they are. Not everyone deviates from their religion when doing so, some get even closer, but some it may happen. I feel like that’s happening to me. There’s many different cases of why we stray, and although I know right now I have strayed, one thing I know is that I’ll be able to get back. Right now I seem so far but when I do find my way back I know God will be there waiting for my return. And if you’ve strayed like myself, know that he’ll be waiting for you too despite what you’ve done in the process. Nobody on earth is perfect. Never forget that.

Are you a christian? If so, have you ever felt like you were straying from God or Christianity?




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