Life Update For June 2018

As June has come to an end and July is here, here’s a little update on my life and my plans for July.

June hasn’t really hit off like I thought and not much has gotten done, but for July I have a few plans to kick things into high gear.

-I’ll be job searching more than ever

-I plan on kicking ass in getting poems out more than ever for my book, which some may be posted here and there on here.

-Again relating to my poetry, I plan to be close to done with the poetry book I’m working on so again I’ll be kicking it into high gear.

– I’ll be doing my best on working out more and trying to eat healthy. I found a beginner 8 week work out program for free that I’ll try since it’s been a while

-Lastly I’ll be doing my best to continue to be consistent with posting for you guys and thinking of new topics to write about.

Check in at the end of July/ beginning of August to see my next life update!

 -BPD ♥

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