The Strong College Girl That Wasn’t So Strong.

So I just graduated college. I’ve gone through many hurdles to get my diploma. Anyway, That’s for another post. This post is about my time during college.

Everyone assumes that because you don’t 100% show it, you don’t really have any struggles in college besides the typical college struggles i.e. midterms, finals, group projects, etc. But, some are suffering a little more than they’d like to let on. I would be one of them. This may be shocker but I was one of the people not even ready to graduate high school. I wasn’t going to miss the little dumb things like one way hallways or some of the rules that good old high schools had to offer, but I was going to miss the fun times and friends and my chorus family. I know for some that’s typical, but what I didn’t know was that college would open up a door for me that I don’t think I realized was even there.


Now I haven’t seen a doctor or anything so for now let’s just say I have depressive thoughts but either way, it’s all been bad from the moment I entered college. Things haven’t always been good with me from the start but this was a whole new can of worms I was experiencing. I’ve been miserable from day one. There’s been so many tears and so many thoughts that I can’t even repeat and people barely knew. Maybe they knew the surface, but not the entire story. I can’t truly say I had a good college experience or that I’d do it again (at least I’d have to really meditate on it). I’ve never been the strongest, but I’ve been broken more than I thought I ever would. I just wish it was all better for me.

With that being said, don’t let this post make you not want to go. Everyone’s experience is different and if you want to go to college for you…then I say do it! Do whatever makes you happy and live the life you’ve always dreamed.




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