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20 Fall Questions Tag

If you know me, then you know that I’m not the biggest fall lover (I know all the fall lovers are gasping in shock). However, fall is here and I can’t go back in time to summer, so why not have a little fall fun!?

I decided I wanted to do a little fall tag and went to Google to search for questions, which led me to discover the 20 Fall Questions Tag from the blog On The Cusp. So, let’s get into it and answer some fall questions!

1. What is your favorite fall drink?

I’d like to say lattes, but that’s any time of the year. Next from those would definitely be apple cider!

2. What’s one thing you love about fall?

Though I’m not a huge fan, I can say that I like when we’re kind of at the in-between stage. For example, you could either wear a skirt or shorts if you choose or a thin long sleeve shirt paired with jeans and still be fine.

3. What’s one thing you don’t like about fall?

I don’t like how cold it gets, the darkness, or how even quicker the days seem to go by.

4. Are you a pumpkin spice fan?

Yuck, absolutely not!

5. What’s your favorite fall scented candle?

I think there’s one called Leaves from Bath and Body Works that smells good and Mahogany Teakwood will forever be a favorite any time of the year!

6. Where do you buy your fall candles?

I typically purchase them from Bath and Body Works.

7. What’s your go-to fall beauty product?

Again, this is also a year-round thing for me, but it would have to be dark red and purple shaded lipsticks. They look so nice on me!

8. Your favorite fall accessory?


9. What’s your typical fall outfit look like?

A regular outfit would include a hoodie or long-sleeved shirt, jeans, and sneakers or boots depending on how cold it is.

10. Apple pie or pumpkin pie?

Apple pie.

11. What’s your favorite Halloween/scary movie?

I can’t choose just one so I’m going to cheat and say the Halloweentown movies, Twitches, and of course Hocus Pocus.

12. Do you have a fall tradition?

I do not but maybe one day I’ll come up with one.

13. What’s your favorite fall food?

I don’t think I have a fall food, but I guess I’ll say apple pie!

14. What are your plans for Halloween?

I plan to sit at my house and watch whatever Halloween movies will be playing on Freeform.

15. Do you plan on dressing up for Halloween?


16. What’s one thing you’re grateful for?

I’m thankful for the people in my life who have helped me to push through see the positive side to things when I’m struggling to do so on my own.

17. Halloween or Thanksgiving “stuff your face day”?

Child Deandra would probably say Halloween, but adult me says stuff your face day simply because I like to…well…stuff my face.

18. Favorite Thanksgiving “stuff your face day” food?

Listen, if you have never had fried turkey, you need this in your life! It’s so delicious and I have to shout out my cousin for introducing it to me. I feel like I can never go back to regular turkey. Alongside that, I obviously have to say mac and cheese!

19. Have you ever participated in Friendsgiving?

Yes! I think it was 2018 or 2019 when my friends and I had our very first Friendsgiving. I would absolutely participate in something like that again.

20. Have you already taken fall photos?

I don’t necessarily take those kinds of photos. I know people tend to go all out with pumpkin patches, leaf piles, etc. If I do take any, they’ll be pretty simple with a cute fall-ish outfit set.

Did you answer these questions as you were reading them? Were some of our answers the same? If so, let me know in the comments which ones we answered the same! I’m not tagging anyone in particular to answer these questions, but if you decide to do the same as well, let me know and I’ll check it out!


    • If you like more manly type scented candles, then you are going to love them! Mahogany Teakwood especially smells like a really nice men’s cologne and I could sniff it all day lol. I’m glad you enjoyed my post! Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

    • I have yet to try chai tea lattes but everyone seems to love them so I’ll have to give them a try one day! Happy fall and thanks for reading and commenting ♥

    • I prefer lighter clothing lol but there are some really cute sweaters out there! I have a sign language one that I bought right when spring was starting and never got the chance to wear it so I’m excited I’ll be able to wear it soon. The darkness is so annoying and depressing but I just try and make it through anyhow! Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

    • I highly recommend both! The candle is such a nice scent and fried turkey will literally make you never want regular turkey again! If you do try them, I’d love to know if you liked them or not. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥


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