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16 Stocking Stuffer Ideas: Blogmas Day 2

Everyone loves a nice big present under the tree, but what about the stocking stuffers? They’re just as important as the big gifts, however, figuring out the right gifts to place inside your stockings takes a little bit of thought. The item can’t be too big or heavy and you also shouldn’t just put any little thing in there that will fit. The person has to actually like what they’re getting.

Although I think stockings are often just used for decor these days, I have some stocking stuffer ideas that could change that and get anyone excited to look into their stockings once again!


Makeup is always a good idea for the makeup guru and makeup guru’s at heart. The best thing is that it’s easy to find travel-size items that will fit perfectly inside the stocking of the person you’re gifting.

Nail Polish

Another good stocking stuffer alongside makeup would be nail polish! If you know someone who loves to do their nails then they surely would appreciate more colors to add to their collection! Nail polish is so small that you can grab a bundle and still have room for more. As a matter of fact, to up the ante, you can do a nail-themed stocking and gift a bunch of products for the person’s nails. The possibilities are endless!


Some may say that socks shouldn’t be gifts, stocking stuffers or not, but I love a good pair of socks! I think a cute pair of socks would make create stuffers to go into someone’s stocking. You don’t have to gift plain ones, but maybe some fuzzy ones or even gift matching ones to wear on Christmas day.

Gift Cards

Gift cards will always be the supreme gift for anyone who wants to play it safe. Luckily, they fit perfectly inside of a stocking. I’m sure anyone would love to pull out a gift card because…well…who doesn’t love receiving money as a gift!?

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs make a great addition to your stocking stuffer items for someone who loves them or someone you feel could use a little luxury bath in their life. You can also go further with this one and create a self-care themed stocking!

Portable Charger

This one is more of a necessity type of stocking stuffer. Who couldn’t use a portable charger!? As someone who’s always on their phone, I would love to see something like this in my stocking. Portable chargers are truly life savers and are well-appreciated gifts!


Small in size and sometimes big in price, gifting earbuds could add you to the favorite gifter list. As I mentioned, they could get a little pricey depending on where you purchase them, but also you want to provide a quality gift. Wherever you decide to purchase them, any lover of music or handsfree talking would love them as a gift.

Hair Ties

Anyone with long hair already knows the struggle of keeping hair ties! They somehow magically disappear and you never see them again. There are also those with thick hair that breaks almost every single one they try to use (moment of silence for them). No matter what you’re planning to stuff inside someone’s stocking, I think it’s always a good idea to add them in (make sure you test the strength first).


The saying that big things come in small packages absolutely applies to this stocking stuffer! I think gifting jewelry will make anyone want to hang their stocking up every year to see what’s next. I also like the idea, for the Christmas lover who’s looking to propose, to hide the ring in a stocking. If you’re reading this and you were looking for a proposal idea…you’re welcome.


Perfume bottles come in so many different sizes and shapes, that there are some full-sized bottles that fit perfectly inside of a stocking! This gift is not only perfect for the person but also for you if it’s for someone you live with. They get to walk around all day smelling great and your nose is blessed with beautiful fragrances.

Phone Cases

I love a cute phone case and don’t know what I would do without one on my phone. I even gifted my grandmother with a phone case of her own. They’re a great surprise that you can slip inside of a stocking. There are so many different varieties that you can also provide multiple. Another great theme idea could be a tech related stocking. You can put a phone case, portable charger, and earbuds all in one stocking for the ultimate gift!

Mini Candle

Candles have become my obsession and I am not sorry for it one bit. If you’re wondering how you can fit a candle inside of a stocking without it being too heavy, there are mini candles that make the perfect gift. Not only are they a great gift, but they’re the cutest things ever! I have a mini candle that I purchased from Bath and Body Works and I love it!


Calling all of my wine drinkers…this one’s for you! This one came to mind because I thought of the time that I tried to open a bottle of wine, but I didn’t know it had a cork inside. I could’ve used a corkscrew as a gift for sure! This would also be a great idea if you’re planning on gifting wine or wine glasses.


Who doesn’t love a cute keychain!? I don’t think they will ever go out of style and they add a little spice to a regular set of keys. There are so many different cute keychains that you can grab TONS of them to go inside of stockings. This is also the perfect idea for anyone who likes to collect them!


Stationery is always needed…even when it’s not (I may be guilty of having a large number of notebooks). I mean, who doesn’t need a pen!? What’s even better is if the stationery is cute! They’re the best stocking stuffers for students, writers, or just your average collector/stationery hoarder (that’s me).

Skincare products

Skincare is so important and necessary for anyone, man or woman. Placing little items such as face masks, serums, or a facial roller could make for the perfect stocking. You could also place the bath bomb inside to give everything the person would need for their own spa day!

There are so many items you can use as stocking stuffers that you have an endless supply of ways to get creative! I hope you were able to get an idea of what you would love to gift as a stocking stuffer or even to create a themed stocking. What gift would you like inside your stocking?


      • The Apple AirPods are surprisingly comfortable. I got mine for free as part of an Apple promotion! Otherwise I would have never considered getting them. Now I’m glad I did πŸ™‚

        • I don’t have an iPhone so I would have to get some other kind, but I also feel like I would lose them instantly if I got them 😭

          • I think Apple AirPods work with any device because it connects to Bluetooth. They come in a case which I use to store them in.

            It’s Apple iwatches that are only comparable with iPhones.

          • Do it πŸ™‚ My only issue with them is that they die after 3-4 hours and need to be re-charged. I use them when I’m out for my walks but at home I use wire-earbuds.

          • I don’t use earphones too often anyways so that’s fine. I use them the most when I’m grocery shopping!

  1. For the last several years, my family has mostly done just stockings for Christmas. I made the mistake of buying my daughters these huge stockings and now I have to fill them every year. It’s a challenge but can be done if you get creative.

    • I haven’t heard of anyone only doing stockings but that also sounds like a great idea! You can get a big gift and then several little gifts to fill the spaces of whatever is left!

  2. All of these ideas are winners! Personally, I love gift cards because then I can buy what I like. Getting socks might seem cliche but I always wear socks with my trainers and you’ll be surprised at how expensive quality socks can be. Two years ago I told many of my friends to get me socks for my birthday – haha! I still have many of those socks.

    • Gift cards are so clutch honestly! I rather have the option to choose what I want to buy and vice versa, I’d rather take the safe route by gifting someone a gift card. I love that you tell your friends to get you socks lol. My mom has given me some cute fuzzy socks years ago and I still have them!

  3. I just stocked up on bath bombs from Costco. We bought 3 boxes so we should be good for a while lol

    A couple days ago my husband bought me a personalized keychain with my son’s name on it for my car keys, because I kept losing them. Recently, I sent a friend of mine a blingy fox keychain for her car keys along with little items that could fit in a box to mail across the country! It was so cute and I couldn’t say no to the fox keychain 🦊

    • 3 boxes!? You’re definitely set for a while lol! That’s so cute that it has your son’s name on it! If I didn’t have my lanyard on my keys, I’d probably lose them myself. My mom sent me this cute keychain with the letter D in rose gold and I’m in love with it. Something so small can literally make all the difference!

      • 3 boxes x 9 bath bombs each = 27 bath bombs! ✨ Costco bath bombs are very nice. Makes my skin very soft πŸ™‚

        I also bought 12 bath bombs from Dollarama which pale in comparison to the Costco ones. They are just okay. 4 packs x 3 = 12 bath bombs ✨

        We also have 2 bath bombs left which came from a local food store. ✨ They are are Pokémon-themed bath bombs because my husband is a man child. I got them from Groupon and they make great gifts.

        In conclusion, we have a lot of bath bombs and my storage closest smells lovely because of that πŸ₯°

          • My closet kinda smells like LUSH, not gonna lie. The smell isn’t overwhelming which is nice. You can even smell the Costco bath bombs through the box πŸ™‚ The brand is called Naturally Vain, and their bath bombs are handmade too!

          • Bath bombs are definitely one reason why, when I move into my own place, I want to move somewhere with a bathtub. That luxury feeling is a must 😍

          • I am always cold and our house is freezing. I have baths everyday and I like how luxurious bath bombs are 😊 Baths are more a necessity for me than a luxury because I am always chilled to the bone. If I could move somewhere warmer, I would in a heartbeat.

            I guess we always seem want what we don’t have! I’ll trade lakes and mountains for sunshine and palm trees any day of the week! 🌞🌴

    • Right!? Like you wouldn’t think someone would want one, but it’s a wine lover’s greatest gift lol. I have this rose gold one saved on my Amazon wishlist for when I move and have my own place!

  4. love all these suggestions! i love getting socks especially fun ones and gift cards are always a good idea! i always get starbucks ones

    • Right! It’s just so fun to get all the cute little stuff and see how much you can put inside the stocking β™₯

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