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16 Black Women Creators And Influencers That Keep Me Going

One thing that people should know about me is that I’m a girl’s girl. Another thing people should know about me is that I’m even more so always cheering on my black women. I love supporting black women and many of them inspire me. As someone who is still on my journey to becoming a full-time creator, I always look to other black women creators and influencers for my inspiration.

Many of these black women I have been watching on YouTube or social media ever since high school! When it comes to representation, it matters so much, especially being a black woman in the creator world. Black content creators are often not praised or put in the spotlight as others and have to work even harder than our counterparts to get to where they are. As hard as it is to make it in content creation and influencing, the black women who have made it or are on their way continue to inspire others as well as myself and I want to give them the flowers they deserve!

1. Thekaylawalker

Kayla is an event and influencer marketing manager. She is also the founder of The Black Girl Connect, which hosts events just for black women! When it comes to Kayla, I find myself looking back at her Twitter (now known as X) or Instagram to see what she’s been up to. Kayla has been on many carpets, including BET, interviewing celebrities such as FloMilli, Victoria Monet, and many more!

One of the main reasons that Kayla keeps me going is that we’re from the same city! When I realized this, it provided me with a little more hope as someone who wants to be noticed as an influence in my community as a creator. Seeing someone go as far as she has from my city, makes me want to continue pushing in hopes of getting there one day.

2. TheOdditty

Sofi, also known on social media as The Odditty, is such an amazing breath of fresh air. Her personality is so bright that you can’t help but smile when looking at her content!

Sofi is a YouTuber who shared her journey as a woman born in Nigeria, now making her way as a content creator in the United States. She has accomplished so much and that’s what helps me to keep going. Seeing the life she’s managed to make for herself from learning to drive and getting a Range Rover as her first car to being a host for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, is inspirational and provides the message to never give up.

3. Sabria Sparrow

Sabria is a creator and influencer who has ended up becoming someone I would call a friend. Unfortunately, we live on opposite sides, but I hope that one day we’ll meet in person because her personality is amazing and she’s so beautiful!

Sabria is the jack of all trades as she has done blogging, podcasting, and now she’s fully focused on influencing. She is also currently a college professor while attending college herself. Doing all of that is more than enough to tire anyone out, yet, she manages to handle it all while keeping up with an aesthetic Instagram feed.

I aspire for my feed and content to not only be as top tier as hers but to also gain the consistency that she has shown on her Instagram. She’s so close to 10k followers and I’m excited for her to reach that goal!

4. TheAlexaDarling

Alexa is another creator who I find myself checking on just to make sure I haven’t missed anything new! She is beautiful and a badass at what she’s doing. She has made such an influence that she’s been featured on the news multiple times as well as in multiple magazines!

Alexa is a lifestyle creator, a talk show host, and has recently added branding coach under her belt. With almost 11k followers and brands such as Dove and Revolt under her belt, it’s hard to become anything other than motivated while watching her success.

5. Sydney Bell

To me, Sydney Bell is the ultimate badass of all badasses! This isn’t the first time her name has been mentioned on my blog, and it more than likely won’t be the last when discussing influential black creators.

I relate to Sydney in the way that we both struggled with our body confidence. I’m still on the journey to loving and accepting my body, but seeing her body positive content continues to remind me how beautiful of a body I have just the way it is. She makes such beautiful and authentic content, but my favorite has to be the video responses to the hate comments.

Along with her content, her resume is nothing short of amazing. Another thing I love to watch is her dancing videos, which she’s been on Lizzo’s show Watch Out For the Big Grrrls (which won an Emmy) and has danced with Lizzo herself! She’s also been on billboards in Times Square as well as worked with Nyx, Yitty, Vogue, and many more! Sydney has also been in magazines such as Essence. Every time I see Sydney, I see myself with opportunities that I could only dream of! However, with the reminder from her to exude my main character energy daily, I know I’ll get there one day.

6. Dez Smith

When I look at Dez, I see a doll! She is the cutest and her content showcases that as well. Dez is someone I love to look at when it comes to Instagram feed inspiration. Her photoshoots are so creative and she offers a wide variety!

Dez makes me want to step up my photo game and has influenced some of the photos you see on my feed. I hope to learn to step out of the box more and dive into my creative bag because she’s forever in hers!

7. Karla Toby

Karla is a boss who’s always figuring out how to make the next bag. From one project to another, she never runs out of ideas and that’s what makes her so inspirational.

She inspires me so much that I even took her bootcamp to help with a business of my own and it was nothing short of informational. I still have the ebooks and notes that I took! Along with being a boss, she’s a fashion queen and is never caught slacking!

8. Naturally Sunny

I discovered Atiya, also known as Naturally Sunny, on YouTube and I’m in love with her content! She provides an aesthetic that makes me want to get up and be productive myself every time I watch a video. Her style is everything you need in life and her personality shines (no pun intended) through just as bright.

I love to look at Atiya when I need the energy and motivation to keep going and get things done. This could be something as simple as cleaning or getting to work on creating content. I also love how creative she gets with her hair that provides her own unique style!

9. De’arra

There’s no question that De’arra is the “IT” girl for many other black women…creators and consumers alike. If you’re unaware of how inspirational and influential De’arra is, all you have to do is go to her quotes on Twitter and the proof alone is there.

The inspiration started with YouTube as I watched her making strides while living her life and it continues as she now has her own shade company called Lorvae. Her work ethic is out of this world, and she’s another influencer I watch when it comes to how I want to go about having my own business.

Along with being inspirational business-wise, she’s also the IT girl for her fashion sense! De’arra has always shown that she’s different from the rest and she exudes that through her fashion.

10. Bri Hall

Bri, to me, is the most underrated creator who deserves all of her flowers! As an artist, her YouTube videos have always been different from the rest and she’s continued to step up her game through each video or piece of content she puts out.

Bri’s creativity, whether through her editing, makeup, hair, and content overall, inspires others to think outside of the box. It’s unfortunate she hasn’t been recognized as much as she should’ve on YouTube, but every supporter she does have she deserves. Whenever I see her content, I’m constantly in amazement at her beauty and creativity. She’s in her own lane and it reminds me to be authentic to who I am and create a lane for myself.

11. Jayla Koriyan

When I look at Jayla, I see what I wished my Barbie’s looked like as a child! I discovered Jayla on YouTube and would consider her another “IT” girl for a lot of black girls as well. Jayla is always venturing out and living lavishly, which makes me want to get on my creator “zoom” every time I see her on my feed.

Jayla inspires me to work hard because I do want to experience some of the things she, as well as the other women I’m mentioning, are experiencing. She also has a creator course to help others become paid influencers, and her numbers alone show that this is a must-have!

12. Ashley Leggs

Hey girl, hey! As Ashley Leggs says on the Slay Girl Slay Podcast. I discovered Ashley through her podcast on Spotify a few years ago and I’ve been a loyal listener ever since! I’m obsessed with her podcast and I can even say that she was part of the inspiration for the start of my podcast.

When I think about how I want the success of my podcast to look, I tend to look at Ashley’s podcast and its success thus far. Ashley’s personality is everything and her topics keep me tuned in every Monday morning. Her numbers and ratings are proof that I’m not the only one who thinks this way.

When it comes to how I want my Instagram feed to look for my podcast, I don’t look at Pinterest, I go to Ashley’s podcast feed because I aspire to step my game up and post just as much with just as quality content. What’s inspiring as well is the fact that she just created her own media network! As a podcaster, I never knew if I would keep up with my podcast, but she makes me want to keep it up. I hope to become as successful as her one day to where I’m not only getting thousands of followers on my podcast page but I’m also inspiring thousands of others as well!

13. Louange Mwajuma

Louange is a gem that came across my Instagram feed and I’ve been in love with her ever since! She’s a creator that showcases beauty, fashion, and travel.

I believe what attracts me most to Louange is the fact that she’s a plus size, dark skin woman such as myself and she is slaying the gram! Her feed is top tier and her confidence shines through each and every post she makes. As someone who’s still working on my confidence, seeing her in certain clothing that I feel wouldn’t look good with my stomach makes me feel as if I can. Along with inspiring me to work on my confidence as a whole, she just inspires me to step into my zone as the baddie that I know I can be!

14. Antonnette

Antonnette is a YouTuber and someone I like to call an aesthetic queen. She is going to give you all of the Pinterest type of vibes, especially if you love the neutral aesthetic.

I love to watch her YouTube videos because she inspires me to get my life together. Her morning routines has had me attempting to wake up at 6AM, which I’m still working on. She is like the Regina George of YouTube for me (except nicer) because I saw her use certain things and vitamins in her morning routine so I decided to try them out for my morning routine! With that said, I’m not trying to live a certain life just because she does, but she gives me the motivation to keep working on the type of days that I’d like to have personally and as a creator. Antonnette also has her own home decor brand where she makes her own candles and that inspired me to keep working on having my own store in the future!

15. Isimeme Edeko

Isi’s content has never been short of QUALITY (if you watch Josh and Isi then you understand the reference). She is the queen of hair and showing you different ways how to rock yours as well as many other things. Anything that Isi does is never small. There’s a reason why so many people want to see when she has something going on because it will always be bigger and better than before.

When I look at Isi, her work ethic is what keeps me in awe. She has a work ethic that I desire and crave every time I watch a video and see that she has a full day. If you’ve never heard of Isi, then you’ve never been on YouTube and if you’ve never been motivated by her then something must be wrong!

16. Jackie Aina

Last but certainly not least, is the queen, Jackie Aina herself! Jackie is the OG of OG’s in the YouTube game and she continues to flourish and inspire still today. It would be a crime not to have her on this list because, as stated, she is an inspiration to so many black women and girls. Jackie’s resume is long and her lavish lifestyle is one a girl could dream of obtaining someday.

She is absolutely someone I and many others might consider the Regina George of the Influencer world meaning that, when she gets something, we’re all now finding ourselves adding that item to our carts. Jackie has worked hard to get to where she is and she’s not afraid to let you know that. She’s someone that I look at and think to myself how my life could look similar if I just keep going. It’s never easy but to be able to look around and see where not giving up put you is the greatest reward.

As a black woman who’s also a creator, seeing the creators and influencers before me in the game have inspired me to become just as great. Just as with these amazing women and many others not mentioned, I hope to keep going in this creator journey to where I’m able to show what it looks like it when you don’t give up and I become an inspiration to others.

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