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15 Ways To Relax On National Relaxation Day

Life is hectic and the world is currently in chaos with everything that’s going on. It’s becoming harder to relax these days when prices are rising and people are trying to figure out how to afford the simple things in life that should be free.

With today being Monday, it’s easy to automatically get into grind mode, which makes it perfect and a fun twist that it’s also National Relaxation Day! It can be hard for some people to relax, but now is a great time to try, and below are fifteen ways that you can do so!

1. Take a nap

Naps are probably the most underrated in adulthood because we’re often too busy to stop and take a quick nap or we’re so tired that we don’t want to risk oversleeping. However, naps are crucial to rejuvenate and replenish your body for whatever the rest of the day has in store for you. If you typically choose to skip a nap, there’s no better day to take that well deserved nap than on national relaxation day!

2. Go for a swim

This may not be the case for everyone, but swimming is so relaxing and peaceful for me. I love to swim around, but I also love to just float on the water as I let the sun shine on my skin. If you’re not one to get into the water, another way to relax is by sitting poolside with a good book and an ice cold drink.

3. Read a book

Speaking of reading a book while sitting poolside, reading is a great way to relax today! There is so much heaviness and uncertainty in the world and the best way to escape it all is by going into a different world through the pages of a book. Whether you’re sitting by the pool or relaxing in bed, a book is the best companion to have!

4. Have a movie day

Who doesn’t love a good movie day? Movie marathons are so fun and relaxing, especially if you’ve been having a rough time and need an escape. All you have to do is make a list of your favorite movies, pop a bag of popcorn, and enjoy!

5. Have a “Do Not Disturb” day

It’s not secret that the people around us, and yes even our loved ones, can take a lot of our energy. Sometimes you just need a DND day where you put your phone on Do Not Disturb and block yourself out from the world. If you’ve never felt as if you could do that, try giving it a chance today! Keep in mind that you may have people worried about you, so be sure to give a little heads up, turn that DND setting on, and enjoy a day of peace!

6. Stay off of social media

As fun as social media can be to scroll through, it can quickly become the opposite of what relaxing is supposed to be. It can be pretty difficult to remain off of social media if it’s your job, but try to not go on it as much if you can. Instead, take today to relax and enjoy a beautiful day without worrying about posting it online.

7. Don’t work beyond your means

As this is being posted, it is a Monday and there are many people who can’t afford a full day of relaxing because they have to go to work. If you’re one of those people, you can still participate in relaxation day even while at work! Today, choose to not work beyond your means or your stress level. This means not doing more in the workplace than you can handle. Depending on who’s asking it may seem easier said than done, but do your best to not “go beyond the extra mile” and taking a load more than you can bare. It’s okay to say no at work and to create boundaries for your coworkers, yourself, and yes…your boss too!

8. Do your favorite stress free activity

We all have our own favorite relaxing activity that keeps us stress free. For some, that activity may not seem relaxing at all. But for you, that activity is perfect and your favorite when you need to unwind. If you don’t get to participate in this activity often, it’s the perfect time to indulge, enjoy, and relax!

9. Take a break from “the grind”

All you ever hear these days are the words “hustle” and “grind”. There’s nothing wrong with that because prices are only getting higher every second and it’s becoming harder to purchase what you need while also being able to enjoy life by purchasing what you want. With that being said, the grind shouldn’t have such a hold on you that you never take time for yourself to relax. I love that relaxation day is on a Monday because it’s the ultimate “grind day” and this challenges you to take a break and do the exact opposite. If you’re already hating the thought of it, then that means you need to do just that!

10. Spend today not stressing about the weight of the world

There is so much going on around the world that it’s so hard to not think about it all every second of the day. It makes it hard to relax if you constantly have monkeypox, covid, inflation, and more all on your mind and all at the same time. Today, take the weight of the world off of your shoulders and think about nothing besides laying down and resting yourself mentally and physically.

11. Pamper yourself today

Everyone deserves a nice pampering day and there’s nothing more relaxing than that! One of the best ways to relax is to get a massage. Laying back and letting the professionals take away the pains of life sounds like a dream. How can you resist!?

12. Play video games

I’m not a gamer in the slightest, but for some, playing videos is very relaxing. Playing video games also allows you to go into your inner child for a moment, which is a need in this tiring world of adulting. If you have a gaming system that you don’t get to use much, blow the dust off and start it up!

13. Take a break at work

Another way that you can participate in relaxation day while at work is to take a break. I know it may seem simple and something that you already do, but not everyone takes a break at work. There are some jobs that might not seem worth it to take a break because you don’t have shifts as long as others. However, no matter if you’re working five hours or twelve, dealing with customers is quite exhausting and you deserve a break. If you can, ask for a break today. Even if your break is short, every moment to catch your breath still matters.

14. Drink an extra cup of coffee

Sometimes relaxing just means drinking an extra cup of coffee to get through a very stressful day. As a coffee lover, I am always going to support drinking another cup! There is something about that first sip that brings instant peace to a chaotic situation…even if it’s not truly your first sip.

15. Grab a glass of wine

Grabbing a glass of wine is the same as grabbing an extra cup of coffee. It’s a great way to relax at the end of the day…or the middle if that’s your preference! It’s especially nice to have with a delicious hot meal as well. If you like to drink wine, make sure to grab a glass and enjoy!

Remember that everyone deserves to experience moments of relaxation and it’s important to take the time to do so. If you were stuck on how exactly you can choose to relax today, even while at work, hopefully these ways helped you figure out just how you’re going to celebrate today!

What’s your favorite way to relax? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I really like how easy and accessible these ideas are; all of which are really effective and helping us relax. I recently wrote about how to find ways to relax when you don’t have time (on my Health and Wellness page) because being able to care for ourselves in this way is so important. This was a lovely reminder to implement slowing down for a bit and do some things that help me feel rested — thanks!

    • I think that’s the best part too because the last you need to do is get stressed out by trying to relax! And you’re so right, it’s so important to care for ourselves. I’m so glad you enjoyed my post…thanks for reading and commenting! ♥

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