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15 Quotes For That Girl Boss Mentality

Hey my loves…happy Monday! Let’s talk about the girl boss mentality for a second. I know there are some different opinions about the term. Some people don’t like it and feel like it shouldn’t be used because men aren’t called “boy bosses” or “man boss”, and I totally get that. However, for me, it’s powering. The term girl boss makes me feel like a badass and like a powerful woman who’s in charge. It doesn’t necessarily mean in charge of a business, but just like the definition states, just in charge of my own ambitions, goals, and overall life.

Although I love that girl boss mentality and it empowers me, sometimes it’s hard to get into that mentality. Being human, sometimes you have those down days, and that’s okay! Some days you may struggle and are looking for a push to get back into that mentality. Sometimes all you need is a few good quotes that will have you saying “I am a boss!” I’m coming to you with 15 quotes that will (hopefully) give you that push and bring that girl boss mentality!

I hope these quotes motivate you to get in that girl boss mentality, and if you’re looking for even more girl boss quotes, then check out Brianna’s post that provides you with some motivational girl boss quotes to inspire you daily!

Do you have a quote quotes that you like to read that help you? I’d love for you to share them in the comments!


    • Yes! I had to make sure I posted some of my favorites (including my own). You definitely should. We all need a good quote to lift us up every once in a while. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

    • It’s no problem at all! I love when I can help bring some positivity. Sending you love also and you stay strong and safe as well love ♥

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