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12 Activities To Do In Fall 2023

We’re officially into the fall season and the weather is already slowly cooling down a bit! This is the season that many look forward to, not just because the summer heat cools down, but because there are many activities to look forward to.

Though the fall activities are in abundance, it can become easy to do the same things every year or struggle to figure out exactly what activities to do this year. If you’re searching for a new fall activity or activities in general, the twelve options provided below are perfect for you!

Create fall decor

Though it’s a lot easier to go shopping for fall decor, it can be a lot more fun to create fall decor of your own! If you have kids, this is a fun activity with them and the entire family. Creating your own fall decorations gives you the chance to think outside of the box and do what you want. It also helps you save money if you’re on a bit of a budget!

Shop for fall decor

If you’re not the best at doing creative projects or find it more fun to shop, shopping for your fall decor is a great alternative to making them. There are so many different stores and even seasonal deals, which will allow you to shop until you drop!

Have a campfire

What is fall without a nice campfire? Grab a few friends, items to make smores, and enjoy a night by the fire. You can even play games together or tell scary stories!

Go to the fair

Is it fall if you haven’t been to the fair? The fair is a fall activity staple that many love and wait for every year. With an abundance of games and rides, it’s understandable how loved fairs are by many. There are also many different types of fairs, including ones that are of bigger scales. If you’ve never been, once your local fair is open, grab a few friends and family members and take a trip!

Go on hayrides

Hayrides are so cute and a great activity to do with your partner. They are perfect for a nice romantic date in the fall! However, though it is cute, you can also flip it and do a haunted hayride! Whether you’re going for a romantic vibe or a spooky one, it’s a must-have to add to your activity list.

Attend Halloween Horror Nights

If you weren’t aware, Universal Studios has an event called Halloween Horror Nights. Just by the name, you can tell that it’s meant for the spooky Halloween season! If you’re into the thrill of being spooked out by different ghosts and ghouls, purchase a ticket for some scary fun!

Go trick-or-treating

Trick-or-treating doesn’t just have to be for kids! It’s time to treat that inner child and put together an adult trick-or-treating event with your neighbors! Everyone can put on a costume and go to each other’s houses to trick-or-treat. The best part is, that you don’t just have to get candy in your buckets or only give out candy to others. Because you’re adults, you can be as creative as you’d like and add mini alcohol bottles as treats! There also may be an event like this in your city or nearby. Search to see if this kind of thing already exists, but if it doesn’t, it’s a great way to start a new tradition for those who are young at heart!

Watch scary movies

Grab your popcorn and turn off all the lights if you dare for a night of scary fun! scary movies are always a fall fan favorite for those who love the spooky season and are into scary movies. You can make it into a marathon movie night and watch a full night of scary movies with these suggestions for your spooky season fix!

Try different fall festive drinks

Once the fall season hits, all of the festive foods and drinks begin to roll out! If you’re looking for a fun fall activity, make a day where you plan to try different fall drinks! You could either make them yourself at home or purchase them from different locations. For a great content idea, do a mix of ordered drinks and homemade drinks to compare which tastes best!

Make homemade fall treats

Another delicious fall festive idea is to make fall treats! Everyone loves a good treat and you can never go wrong with one that’s freshly homemade. It’s a great activity to get your family involved or make it into a fun day with your friends.

Attempt to try every pumpkin flavored item

Pumpkin isn’t a flavor that’s for everyone, but when the fall season comes, it rolls out in each and every form that you can think of. This makes attempting to try every pumpkin flavored item a true fall challenge. However, your liking or dislike for the fall flavor determines whether or not the challenge is necessarily a fun one.

Decorate for Christmas

This one may be a little controversial, but there is nothing wrong with skipping those fall decorations and going straight to Christmas! Fall decorations get a lot more time to shine considering that there are some people who start shopping as early as July and decorating in August. Following the “traditional” way of decorating, Christmas decorations don’t go up until close to or after Thanksgiving and get taken down either before New Year’s or at the beginning of January. This makes the time for Christmas decorations to receive the love they deserve a lot less. Decorating for Christmas a little early is also perfect for those who don’t celebrate Halloween and for those who are just true Christmas lovers at heart!

There are plenty of fun activities to do this fall, but sometimes it can get overwhelming or even boring if you’re used to doing the same things every year. These options are perfect and fun to try with others and even alone if you prefer!

Would you try any of these fall activities? If so, which one(s) would you like to try this fall?

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