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10 Ways To Tell A Black Person You Love Them As An Ally

Valentine’s day is right around the corner, and right about now, bloggers are putting out their Valentine’s day content. Though I’m doing something different on the blog this month, I’m still doing posts for Valentine’s day.

With a twist of course.

I think it’s amazing that there are so many allies out there for the black community. I sometimes see that people want to support, but they don’t know exactly how. Granted, Google is free, but it also helps to hear directly from a black person how they can show them love directly or to the black community as a whole. If you’re one of those people or you’re just looking for even more ways to show love to the black community, then check out these 10 ways to tell a person you love them as an ally!

1. Sign petitions

Petitions are being made more and more. Sadly, this is because there are more cases of social injustice happening around the world. If you’re looking to show your love to a black person or the community, show it by signing petitions. The good news about doing this is that it’s free and you can sign as many as you’d like! Remember, every signature helps. Click here to get started!

2. Send donations for different cases

So, you have extra money to give? Well, that’s perfect because you can give it as a donation to help out different cases! Nothing says I love you like contributing to a case where a black person was unjustly imprisoned or maybe there’s some racist or unjust action going on that needs to be stopped and donations are needed for it. has tons of petitions you can sign and donate to as well.

3. Join or start protests/rallies

I know not everyone is the type to join or start a protest or rally, I completely understand that. Despite even being peaceful, they can end up getting out of control sometimes. However, if you really want to get out there on the front lines, then going to a protest really shows how much love you have for the black community. Of course, during this time you want to make sure you’re being safe, so make sure you’re wearing a mask and keeping your distance if this is a route you’d like to go.

4. Standing up for a black person who’s being bullied with racism or being prejudiced against

This one really shows your character. You can say that you love black people and the community, but what about when you’re in a situation where you’re minding your business and this situation suddenly arrives on the scene? If you haven’t already been doing this because you didn’t want to butt in…PLEASE BUTT IN. Yes, we can handle ourselves just fine, but it also means a lot when someone stands up against their own because they’re in the wrong.

Unfortunately as well, sometimes it takes someone of the same race to really get that person to stop what they’re doing at that moment. You also never know how violent that person might get as well.

5. Respecting the space of a black person.

This is one you may not think of but is very important. Typically, most people like having their own space anyways, so the feeling of wanting your own space shouldn’t be new. However, you have to learn when to give a black person their space and respect when they tell you that they need space. If you have someone in your life that you really care about, you may want to check on them all of the time when there’s a lot of racist driven killings going on. That’s so sweet of you to do, but sometimes the best way to show you love and care is to just give them space. The best thing to do is to just let them know that you’re here for them if they need you.

This isn’t going to apply to every black person, but this especially applies if you’ve been told that space is needed.

6. Not using the N-word even if a black person say it’s okay.

This shouldn’t need much explanation. If you’re not black, then don’t say it. Hopefully, you already knew that before reading this, because you don’t really love us if you were. And yes, sadly there are some black people who allow their non-black friends to use the word. That’s an entirely different post on its own. If you’d like me to discuss it, then let me know in the comments and I will for sure.

In conclusion, don’t use it.

7. Not stealing or copying black features, artifacts, culture, etc.

This one is seen all over on social media. The features of black people have been laughed at and judged for centuries. Our ancestors have been put on display as if they are part of a circus or museum because of their features. Now, all you see is people trying to get bigger lips, hips, and all. They tan until they become the same color as a light-skinned black person or even darker. They do things to their hair that we as people were judged for as children. It’s not a form of flattery in the slightest, but more so an insult.

If you want to show love then don’t do these things, but instead, show appreciation. A perfect example is when it’s time for Halloween. Some people try to dress up as a black character or celebrity and end up doing black face…This is a HUGE no no. You can dress up like that person and remain in your skin. Another example is when you participate in these different TikTok dances/challenges. Give credit where it’s due instead of stealing it.

8. Understand that sometimes we just need to be around a black community without getting defensive.

This one goes along with respecting when space is needed. Because you’re an ally, you probably want to understand to your best ability what that person is going through, and that’s great! However, because you’re not black, you will never fully understand or know. This is why it’s extremely important not to get defensive if the situation arrives. It’s never personal, but it’s just race differences at the end of the day and a true ally understands.

9. Supporting their business, dreams, ect.

The saddest fact is that there are some amazing businesses that are not doing the best simply because the owner is black. It’s also another sad fact that there are people who are not being given a chance in life simply because they’re black. Black people often grow up not seeing themselves being represented as successful. They’re not shining in the spotlight on television, but instead in the back. That’s changing more as the years go by, but it’s still a lot harder to get things off the ground when you’re black. That’s why supporting a black person’s business or just supporting someone’s dream is a crucial way to say I love you. It might seem casual to you, but it means the world to us.

10. Correcting your family, friends, etc. when they’re being racist.

This is one of those ways you’re saying I love you to the black community without anyone even knowing it. It also shows a lot of character. As an ally, you can control what you do and say when it comes to respecting the black community, but not what others say or do. However, you do have control over if you say something or not when the people around you are portraying racists acts. Sometimes all you need to do is say something, but other times, you might have to remove them from your life as a whole. In that instant, you’re loving yourself as well by not keeping people around who are like that.

You don’t have to wait until Valentine’s day to show love to the black community or only show it on Valentine’s day. The community needs it more than ever, and I hope that after reading, you now have an even broader light on how you can do your part!

Do you know some other ways to tell a black person that you love them? Share it in the comments below!

You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right.

rosa parks


  1. Thanks for writing this post. Most of this is, I think, common sense. But it is nice to be reminded.
    But, I do wonder, why is it considered bad for a non-black person to use the n-word? I’ve heard many white people use the n-word with their buddies. Would that be okay, or is it still offensive?

    • I would Google for deeper information, but It’s a racial slur that was and is still used to showcase racism towards black people. We have taken that word back and turned it into our own. It’s like being in a secret club. It’s very offensive for anyone who isn’t black to use it. White people who use it…even if approved by their black friends…are in the wrong. And if they have a black friend who approved it, they’re also wrong for doing so and need to be corrected. That’s like a white person saying they’re not racist because they have a black friend. It means absolutely nothing. Hopefully this helped, but again, I suggest Googling if you need a deeper explanation. Thanks for reading and commenting love ♥

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