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10 Unhealthy Mindsets That Are Holding You Back

Have you ever worked so hard for something and just wondered why nothing was working out in your favor? Well, you might have to check in with your mindset. Your mindset plays a huge role in your life and whether you succeed or not. I’ve made many different posts regarding mindset like how to stop playing yourself, asking if you’re the reason for being held back, and more!

I’m someone who is still working on my mindset every single day so I’m aware of how hard it is to change your mindset or even recognize when you have an unhealthy mindset. You should always work on becoming mentally aware of your thoughts and actions, but I think mental health awareness month is when people really start to notice things due to all of the information that’s shared this month.

I hope that as you read this post, you become aware of any statements you might’ve made yourself, and you decide to work on switching your mindset from unhealthy to healthy!

10 Unhealthy Mindsets

“I’m not good enough.”
“This will never work.”
“I can’t do this.”
“I don’t deserve this.”
“This is too hard for me.”
“I can’t compete with others.”
“No one will accept me.”
“It won’t last forever.”
“My life is set up for failure.”
“I wish I could be like them.”

“I’m not good enough.” It’s really easy to go into this mindset of not being good enough. You see what others are able to do and assume that, because you’re not on their level, you’re not good enough. This mindset is not only unhealthy, but it’s a lie. You are good enough and can do whatever it is you want to do.

“This will never work.” Making this statement automatically puts you in a position where it probably won’t work. Some may say that my statement is dramatic, but it’s true. If you go into something with a mindset that it’s not going to work, then what’s going to make you put your all into it or to go for it at all?

“I can’t do this.” Again, another unhealthy mindset that causes you to psych yourself out. I’ll say the same thing that I said with the previous statement…if you go into something thinking you can’t do it, then you can’t. This will hold you back from so many opportunities and, in the end, will leave you unhappy and unfulfilled.

“I don’t deserve this.” My response to this is short and sweet….you DO deserve this. Whether this mindset was formed yourself or because others have told you this, it’s wrong and they’re wrong. You deserve to go forward in life. What you don’t deserve is to be held back!

“This is too hard for me.” Again, psyching yourself out. Nothing is going to be easy and you’ll never grow with that mindset. Things are hard, especially when you’re first starting them. That’s why you continue to grow, learn, practice, etc. The question will never be if it’s too hard, but rather if you’re up for the challenge.

“I can’t compete with others.” Instead of taking the unhealthy mindset approach of saying you can’t compete with others, you should adopt the mindset of learning from them. One thing I’ve learned is that the people who are in the same category as you are not your competition. They’re getting the kind of people and feedback you want, so you should learn what to do, not compete. You have to put it in your mind that you’re just as good as anyone else.

“No one will accept me.” Personally, if feel that if there are people who are that spiteful, jealous, etc. to not want to accept you then that’s their problem and those are people who you don’t want to accept you anyway. There’s always going to be someone that accepts you and what you’re trying to do. Sometimes it takes time to find them, but they’re there.

“It won’t last forever.” When I made this statement, I was referring to a situation where something went good, but you feel as if the moment won’t last. I’ve said this plenty of times to myself. You should live in the moment and enjoy it. This type of mindset can make it hard to move forward into something else that you might want to try. You might think that things are good this time…but what about next time? Ultimately, that’s not a way to live.

“My life is set up for failure.” No it’s not. Yes, there are different obstacles in life that we just can’t control, but your life isn’t set up for failure. I get living life going through an annoying amount of problems and struggles, but that doesn’t mean your life is set up for failure. If you’re reading this, then that means you’re still here, which also means you’ve made it through those struggles. Even if you’re going through those struggles right now, you’re STILL here and you should be proud of that. Yes, things are going to come and try to kick your ass, but you just have to kick it back!

“I wish I could be like them.” Why be like somebody else when you’re already yourself? It’s easy to see someone and wish you were like them or that you had their life, but you never know what happens behind closed doors. Most likely, they wish they could be like someone else. Enjoy who you are. Having this mindset could hold you back from people getting to see you and the wonderful personality that you have.

Your mindset isn’t going to change in a day and we all have moments here and there where we slip into an unhealthy mindset. The most important thing is that you acknowledge when you’re slipping into unhealthy mindsets and start making the efforts to change that.

Have you said any of these things to yourself or out loud to others? Did you try to change your mindset? Let’s talk in the comments!


    • Mine too! It’s definitely a work in progress for sure, but we’ll overcome it! Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

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