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10 Tips For Organizing Your Closet

Last week, I shared with you guys some of my tips on how to make spring cleaning a little bit easier. Today, I’m sharing tips for organizing your closet! I think that the closet is one of the places that take the longest to get through, but it’s so worth it once it’s done! As you know, it’s motivational Monday, so my hope is that this post will motivate you to get cleaning but also help you find ways that’ll make it a lot easier to keep your closet looking neat!

Take EVERYTHING out of your closet

The first thing that I like to do is to take everything out of my closet. When I say everything…I mean EVERYTHING! Just like with most things, it’s best to start with a blank canvas. It can be very overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of things in your closet like I do, but it ensures you can clean it out thoroughly and you’re getting the chance to see what all you have. Sometimes things tend to get lost and we forget that we even bought the item we found.

Separate your clothes into different piles

What I like to do with my clothes is separate them into three different piles: keep, sell, donate. Depending on how many clothes you have, it could take some time, but it’s best to do it now while all of your clothes are out of the closet. You’re able to get a good look at what clothes you have and assess which items you could keep or give away. Now, this is a hard task for those who struggle to get rid of clothes (points to myself), but it must be done. If that item still has tags and it’s been in your closet for 2+ years then it’s time to let it go sis, I’m sorry.

Throw out any old underwear

Listen, it’s so easy to hoard old underwear! I just know somebody that’s reading this has a pair of old torn up underwear that they don’t wear anymore but decide to keep “just in case”. There is no case that those panties can solve love…it’s time to say goodbye. I’m sure they’re your favorite and have been rocking with you for a long time, but their time is up and they must go. It’s time to start fresh and clean…literally.

Purchase storage bins

Storage bins are a lifesaver sent from above! I got rid of my dresser a few years ago to make more space in my room. I got the space I needed, but I was also left with a bunch of products everywhere and no place to put them. Since I don’t live in my own place, I have to keep most of my items in my room, so I decided to buy a few storage bins to go inside of my closet. My room would look a MESS if I didn’t get them! Storage bins are perfect to place your non clothing items or clothing items that you’re just not using at the moment. They keep everything neat and provide you with a little more space.

If possible, put in your own shelving system

I know not everyone will have the option to do this, but if you can, I recommend putting in your own shelving system or just a shelf of some sort. The shelf that I have in my closet has been doing a wonderful job of holding all of my books. I have books from wall to wall and it just provides more space and creates an organized way to place them. You can use a shelf to store your storage bins, shoes, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Use Coordinating hangers

This may not seem like it’s important, but I promise it is! Using hangers that match just makes everything look aesthetically pleasing and neater. Not only that, but it could also help you save up a lot more space in your closet. I love to use sleek felt hangers in my closet to hang all of my clothes. Can you tell what color the hardware of it is? If you’re an avid reader then I’m sure you already know! Those hangers save up so much space and make everything look clean and pristine!

Get a door hanger/hooks

Getting a door hanger to go over your closet door is essential for people with small closets and people who have to share a house with others. It’s also very helpful if you have a lot of purses and need a neater way to hang them up. I use to not have a door hanger and would have to hang my robes on a hanger in my closet. That made the already packed closet even bulkier and stuffed! Having an over-the-door hanger allows me to hang my robes, which saves up space, and other items that might not necessarily have a place. They’re also perfect if you live in an apartment or something and you don’t want to put holes in your wall but need more places to hang your things.

Only keep clothes out for the season

I haven’t personally done this because I’m too lazy to put in and take out clothes from the storage, but I’ve seen YouTubers do this when they’re making their closet organization videos. You take out your clothes that don’t fit the current seasons and you put them away in storage. For example, because it’s spring, you’re more than likely not wearing any sweaters or super thick clothing so those can be put away. This is also where the storage bins can really come in handy. Not only does this make things look neater, but again, provides more space in your closet. If you’re lazy like me, what I like to do is simply put my winter items to the back of the closet and vice versa. That makes the items that I’m more likely to wear more easily available to grab.

Use a shoe rack or store shoes in their original boxes

For all of my shoe heads out there, the best way to keep your shoes organized is to purchase a shoe rack for them to reside when not in use. It keeps them out of the way and you can also see what shoes you have available to wear. Because I don’t have much room for a shoe rack that’s big enough, I like to keep most of my shoes in their boxes and just stack them. The shoes that I wear daily just remain neatly in a line for easy and quick access.

Organize your clothes by category, color, or both

Last but not least, if you really want to step up your organization game then organize your clothes either by category, color, or both. I’m not that patient or advanced to organize mines by color or by both, but I do like to organize them by category. For example workout clothes, sweaters, party dresses, etc. Then, I go a little bit further by doing subcategories as well. An example of that would be going into my workout clothes and subcategorizing them by the type of tops, pants, etc. It does seem like a lot, but it’s not that bad and makes it easier to grab what you need. If you know you want to wear a crop top then all you have to do is go to your crop top section…simple!

Your closet is responsible for holding a lot of your items and that can cause a bit of chaos, which then can cause you to go crazy. Let’s make life a little bit easier this year and get that closet organized!

Did you find these tips helpful? If so, which tip did you find the most useful? Let’s chat!


    • I like to clean it out every 6months as well. That’s when I usually do my overall deep cleans in my room and office. I’m glad you liked the ideas!

  1. Love these ideas! I usually clean out my wardrobe every 6 months or so and I always end up throwing so much away. I’ve never quite been brave enough to take everything out at once but I’m going to make sure I do it next time!

    • I do it every 6 months too when I do my deep cleans! I just need to get better at the whole throw everything away part lol. It’s definitely a lot to handle when taking it all out, but it really does give you a full view of everything which is really helpful. I’m glad you loved the ideas! Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

  2. These are awesome tips! I have never taken everything out and sorted it like you suggested. My closet is totally over stuffed! Going to be using your tips to clean it out! Thank you!

    • Yay, I’m happy to hear you like the tips and plan on using them! Let me know how it goes when you’re done! Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

  3. I need to do this lol. I have a door hanger full of shoes sitting in my living room that I keep procrastinating to move to my closet. It’ll clear up so much space.

    • I’m so glad you love the post! Spring for sure just gives those vibes of renewal so reorganizing your closet would be perfect! Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

    • I aspire to be on that level lol, but for now just doing it by category will have to do. There’s no better time than now to start organizing! I’m glad you liked my post and thanks for reading and commenting ♥

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