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10 Things To Make With Your Extra Candy Canes: Blogmas Day 22

Sometimes during the holidays we’re left with a bunch of extra goodies, including candy canes. Candy canes are quite delicious all by themselves, but sometimes it’s fun to get a little creative. I’m a curious person when it comes to what I can do and create with something that I have.

With excess candy canes and a curious mind, you can make anything! Here are ten food and drink related things that will have those extra candy canes put to good use!

1. Candy cane ice cream inside of a candy cane bowl

Nothing screams candy cane lover more than candy cane ice cream inside of a candy cane bowl! It’s not only a creative idea, but it’s pretty cool too!

2. Candy cane truffles

Candy canes, chocolate, truffles…what more could you want? It’s a mix for a great recipe.

3. Peppermint sugar cookies

Peppermint and sugar cookie are both season staples, but have you tried putting them together!? If not, now’s your time to create a delicious masterpiece that could just possibly become a seasonal favorite.

4. Candy cane cocktail

What is a holiday season without a good holiday drink!? I think drinks are the most fun to get creative with, which brings me to the candy cane cocktail. It might seem a little odd to mix candy canes with a cocktail, but you never know, it could just become your usual at the bar.

5. Peppermint bark fudge

There are so many different types of delicious bark you can create for the holidays and peppermint bark fudge is one of them. Give this a try and let your tastebuds indulge in peppermint and chocolate bliss.

6. Peppermint bark popcorn

This looks and sounds like something you would make if you were a kid. However, now you’re an adult and you can make and eat as much as you want!

7. Candy cane shortbread bars

Shortbread is already delicious, but why not elevate it by adding candy cane? The only downfall is the fact you might not want to stop eating them once you start!

8. Chocolate dipped candy canes

Are you not in the mood to do too much cooking or baking? Well, these chocolate dipped candy canes are perfect to try! You don’t have to do too much and they’re very simple to make. It sounds like a delicious win/win to me!

9. Candy cane blossom cookies

These little things are cute enough to eat (which you should)! The saying that good things come in little packages should be put to the test by making these candy cane blossom cookies. There’s something that’s telling me the saying will turn out to be true!

10. Candy cane cheesecake

For the cheesecake lovers like myself, this one is for us! Cheesecake is so delicious, but have you ever thought of trying it with candy canes? It’s such a creative idea and could become a new must-have dessert on Christmas day!

The possibilities are truly endless with how many different things you can create with candy canes. All of these looked delicious in their own way and are a must to test out for the season!

Which one would you like to give a try?


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